fredag den 6. december 2013

My daily routine

Hello fellow blogger friends!

I love to watch/read about peoples everyday routine. It really fascinates me,haha..
So I thought it would be fun to share my everyday routine, especially since it's a bit
different because i have a little bunny now.

8.45am - Wake Up
The first thing i do in the morning is i brush my teeth, then i open my advent calendar ( If it's December).
After that i make my bed, and let Pinky out of his cage. I then give him fresh water & veggies. But
before he get's his veggies i have to syringe feed him water, since he doesn't drink enough. If it's Tuesday
this is usually the time i leave to go and volunteer at the animal shelter!

9.45am - Eat breakfast
Then it's time to eat breakfast.Today we ate potatoes, veggie balls and veggies. We also usually watch
a tv show while we eat. These couple of weeks we have been watching "Psych" ( currently
watching season 7 ).

10.45am - Youtube/check mail
I usually spend about 30 minutes checking mail/comments, and check my subscription box. I then proceed
to check for new content. I love that site. Then i look at my list on my computer to check
what i should upload next. I just checked it and next on the list is for me to write this blog post!

12.30pm - Do chores
Around this time, if we aren't going out grocery shopping or doing anything else outside, i do my chores.
Usually this consists of folding our clothes, wash the dishes or anything else mom needs help with.
This is also the time Pinky get's his second syringe feed (water) of the day. Depending on the day i 
usually film videos during lunch time, since the light outside is the brightest during this time. If i'm not
filming i'm editing. And all day i go to Pinky and cuddle with him!

12.30pm - 11pm - edit videos/shop/chores
In between these hours i just do random things. Today we are going out to buy candy to eat while we
watch "Catching fire". Then around 11pm we go to bed, and so does Pinky!

Thanks for reading everyone!
Happy holiday!

And everyone in Denmark, stay safe from #bodil the storm!


lørdag den 9. november 2013

Volunteering at an animal shelter

My little bunny Pinky, whom i adopted from the animal shelter i volunteer at....

Hello fellow blogger friends!

I hope  you all are doing well. The other day ( November 7th ) i began volunteering at
my local animal shelter.  
My whole life, i have loved animals, and i've always wanted to help them. Which is
why i became vegan in summer of 2011, and why i don't use animal tested products.
And why i adopted Pinky, instead of buying a rabbit from a animal store.

But now i want to help on a whole other level. So i decided to start volunteering at my
local animal shelter, where i adopted Pinky from. I go there Monday to Friday, from 
10 am to 2.30pm. 

The first thing i do is say hello at the front desk, and put my bag in the closet. Then i go
straight to the bunny/small animal room first ( so i don't scare the bunnies with the scent from the dogs and cats ). I cuddle with them, brush their fur, and just try to make them
used to human interaction. Most of them, let my hold them and pet them. But there
are some who are petrified of humans, so i try not to stress them out too much.

When the clock turns 12pm, i go off to either the dogs or cats. 
It depends if there are dogs who needs a walk or not. If all the dogs already have gone
for a run, i go into the kitty room. Yesterday i spent 3 hours in a room with 6 kittens and their mom. They were adorable, and very playful. They even slept on my legs and tummy.

I truly think everyone that loves animals should go and volunteer. It feels so good that you
made their day a little brighter, while they wait for a family to pick them up.

Hope this inspired you to go and vounteer!

Have an amazing day guys!

onsdag den 9. oktober 2013

Gluten sensitivity


Hello fellow blogger friends!

So if you have read my latest tweets ( my twitter ), you know i have had some problems with gluten
lately. These past year i have been noticing that whenever i eat gluten i get really tired and get eczema.
But i never thought of quitting eating bread and pasta, because they are one of my favorite foods.

But about a month ago i decided to stop eating gluten, and it was so hard. Especially since my family members buy lots of bread and noodles, so it's hard to resist. But i was able to stick to the diet for a few
weeks, then the other day it was "that" time of the month and i got huge cravings for bread!
I took 2 pieces of bread with a bit of vegan butter, and i even ate some vegan pre made noodle soup. That was a really bad idea, because the day after my tummy hurt so bad, i felt really tired and got tons of eczema on
my legs and arm. When i get eczema, they bleed and they are so itchy! I also felt like i was going
to throw up ( i didn't ), and i had some "problems" in the bathroom, if you know what i mean.

The reason why the gluten had such a big effect on me this time, was because i hadn't eaten gluten for
a few weeks, so my body wasn't used to it anymore. So i decided to research about gluten sensitivity, 
and oh my gosh, i found a lot of info.
One thing i found about which really scared me was that Gluten sensitivity can trigger a disease called
Celiac disease. This is a really scary disease, because it's kind of like a very slow bomb inside your body.
It can cause cancer, which can kill you. A lot of celiac disease patients that didn't go on a gluten free, died.


I am not trying to scary you guys, but if you have had any bad reaction to gluten, then you may
be sensitive to gluten or maybe even have the celiac disease. Try to stop eating gluten for a month,
then try a piece of bread, and see if you have any bad reaction like, stomach ache, nausea, sleepy, loose
stool, eczema and headache. If you do have a bad reaction, then you should stop eating gluten.
A gluten free diet is the only cure for this problem. I have had this problem for a while, and i do not
want to get celiac disease, so i have promised to myself that i will NEVER eat gluten again. Even
 though i'm only sensitive to it, it still can cause problems in the future, if i ignore my body.


So guys, please listen to your body, and don't eat anything that your body doesn't approve of. It might
just be pain right now, but you don't know what it can lead to in the future. 
Be safe guys, and thanks for reading!

Happy early Halloween!

P.s. My latest video:

fredag den 13. september 2013

Glee maraton: A tribute to Cory Monteith


Hello fellow blogger friends!

So since Cory Monteith passed away this summer, i have been watching all of the seasons of Glee, as
a tribute to him.
I used to watch Glee, about 2-3 years ago, but i only watched the 1st season. When i heard the news
of what happened to Cory, i just had to watch the show again.
I have always thought Cory and Lea, were so cute together, and it breaks my heart that he is now gone...

Watching Glee, is so different now, than before when Cory was still alive. It's more emotional, but i also enjoy the show more, i laugh more. My mom cries in almost every episode now, she never did that before.
She wasn't even a big fan before.

RIP Cory...

Thanks for reading..


mandag den 22. juli 2013

My bunny doing binkies!

hello fellow blogger friends!

Just wanted to share a video of mine,  on my other channel.
I have seen so many cute bunny videos, and i wanted to share my bunny's cuteness too!
So here is my bunny, Pinky doing the binky!


torsdag den 11. juli 2013

My dream vacations

Hello fellow blogger friends!

Since i am such a dreamer, i thought i would share one of my dream.

I love to travel, and i constantly dream about becoming a travel photographer. Because of this i always search on Pinterest ( click to see my travel wish list pictures )
So let me give you 2 of my top travel fantasies.

1. Relaxing, warm, tropical...
Crystal clear water, Bahamas
Since it's summer time, i have been craving the beach! There are no beaches here in Denmark, so i would love to travel to a beautiful beach, with crystal clear water, white sand, and bright sunshine. I am kind of like a little fish, i always have been. When the water is on my skin, it just feels so relaxing, especially when there's soft sand underneath my feet. Whenever i get to go the the beach, i love to just float in the water, while looking at the beautiful sky. I would love to live right next to the beach, so that when i look out of my window i can see the beautiful water... 

Of course, the number one place i would love to go, for my tropical adventure, is HAWAII!! Everyone who goes there always comes back smiling, with tons of beautiful memories. I have always dreamed of going there, since i was a little girl. If i ever go there, i will film and photograph so much! People who live in Hawaii are so lucky!

2. Adventure, cold, winter wonderland
Winter adventure guide: ski bums, snowshoe racing, and snowboarding
Since i went skiing in Norway 2 years ago, i fell in love with the sport. I remember in the beginning, it was really hard to go down the slopes, but after a day of practicing i was racing down the mountains. It was so much fun! But don't think i didn't fall, i fell like a hundred  times. When i went home my legs were all black and blue.  It was the best adventure ever, and i would love to do it again. But next time, i would love to try some bigger mountains. 

I would love to travel to Switzerland, and ski at their beautiful mountains. 

I have no idea why i love snow so much, probably because it reminds me of Christmas. Skiing fells like you are floating, and it is such a rush when you go up the bumps. It was so scary but, i felt so free in the air. It's funny because my teacher told me while i was skiing down a hill, - One day we are going to see Aria at the Olympics, and she is going to win-. Haha... It was fun, but i am not that good! =)

Okay, instead of telling you my dream vacation, i told you about one of my favorite memories...Sorry!

I also love taking photographs of the trees filled with snow. The only bad thing when it's winter is that the camera battery gets empty fast, because of the cold.
..:: Winter Adventure ::..


torsdag den 27. juni 2013

Pinky's story

Hello fellow blogger friends!

So as i said in one of my blog posts, i have adopted a bunny! His name is Pinky.
I have even filmed a video, on how i prepared for him ( and you get to see him in the end ).

The first few days, he was a little afraid of us, and wouldn't come near us much. But one week went by,
and BAM! He started licking my feet and hands, and it felt like he had gotten used to us by then.

The hardest thing on our first week with Pinky, was to clean his cage/litter boxes. Because it
took us about 2 hours to finish, and we would do it every evening ( we still do this, but only for 1 hour ).

It was so cool learning about what greens he liked, and what his personality was.

3 weeks later ( June 22/23 ) he got sick. All out of the blue, he stopped eating and drinking. He wasn't
going to the bathroom. And he was just laying down, in his litter box! Which he had never done before.
My mom and i were freaking out. He hadn't been eating/drinking/pooping for about 10 hours. We knew something terrible was happening.
I kept on thinking, what if this is something super serious... We decided to call an pet ambulance ( since we don't have a car ). But we were told to drive to the Hospital our selves...
Poor little Pinky, he was so frightened in the TAXI. When we got to the hospital, Pinky started eating a piece of carrot, that i put in his carrier. Thank gosh! I was super happy.

The vet took a look at him anyways, and found out, that his teeth ( back teeth ), are a little sharp. Meaning
it could be hard for him to eat. The vet checked Pinky's ears, teeth, heat beat, temperature, and tummy.
Poor Pinky, he was shedding like crazy, because he was being carried by the vet, and got touched all over his body. And he isn't used to being carried, as we never did it.
We were given probiotics and critical care. When we got home, we gave him his medicines right away.

I can't belive how incredibly quickly he responded to the meds. He started eating and pooping right away!

*P.S. Pinky is fighting his sleep right now.So adorable! Which i could film him, but he will wake up as soon as i walk P.S:*

We hadn't slept for 48 hours, because we were to worried about him. I was so exchused, i had to stay home from school.

He still has some peoblems right now, but he is basicly not sick anymore! YAY!
We still have to syringe feed him critical care ( we don't give hime the probiotics anymore, since it caused him to shed a crazy abount ).
But we gave him fresh grass today, and he was able to eat his pellets/veggies on his own, without meds.
So the grass may be even better choice as  a medicine.

Thank you so much for reading!
And i hope you are all excited for more Pinky videos soon!

"Dont't let your dreams, be dreams"


mandag den 17. juni 2013

Web reviews Episode 4: Pinterest

My Pinterest account

Hello fellow blogger friends!

So it's been a while since i last did a "web reviews" post, so i though i should do it now!
I have been obsessed with Pinterest these past months. 
I discovered this beautiful site pretty late i think, but one day i was just browsing  the internet, and saw this amazing web site.

At first i just spent my time looking at incredible pictures from all around the world, since i really wanted to go on a vacation. I really want to become a travel photographer one day,
so i searched on photography in Hawaii, and saw so many beautiful pictures, just like the one bellow.

Split-View Waterfall, Hawaii
But after a while of looking a pictures of the bright blue sea in Hawaii, i wanted to save the
pictures somewhere other than my computer, and then decided to make myself a account so i could store them in an organized way. At first i had no clue how to use the site, but eventually  i learned how.

Just a few weeks ago i really needed some inspiration for my DIY videos on Youtube. I had no idea what i wanted to film, so i searched on "DIY", and gosh there are tons of different things you can learn on there! I get a lot of my ideas from Pinterest for my school work and for my YT channels.

What i love about the site is that you can organize ( "pin") the photos you like into a little folder with a sweet name.  I've got a lot of folders, just to name some: "Travel wish list", "DIY", "vector" and graphic design. 

So if you haven't already, check out Pinterest and add me if you like : Nitsujrebeib100

Thank you for reading!

"Dont't let your dreams, be dreams"


onsdag den 29. maj 2013

Adopting a rabbit : Pinky the bunny!

Photo: not taken by me
Location: At the shelter where Pinky is staying at
Hello fellow blogger friends!

If you have been reading my latest tweets, then you know that i have adopted a cute
little bunny called Pinky. He is only 2 years old, and he's so adorable! He was homeless
for some time before he got to the shelter, =( Happy they found him though.

I have never had my own pet/pet child before, except when i had 2 bunnies for a week. Who
i really miss *Love you Cherry and Berry!*. 

I connect to animals so fast. I mean, it's a little bit ridiculous...
An example is last Saturday, i went to the shelter to meet Pinky for the first time. And
i only met him for about 10 minutes. I got to pet him a bit, but that's it!
Now i feel like i've known him for my whole life, and i miss him so much!
I know, i probably sound crazy, but it's true!

I truly can not wait to have him here at home, in my arms. We have already bought his huge cage, litter box, food/water dishes, hay, traveling bag, toys, hiding hut and more! I have
filmed everything that i got and i am going to make a video about my whole process of preparing for little Pinky.  Also get ready for a lot of DIY rabbit toys!

Anyways, you might ask, -why did you decide to get a pet rabbit?-.
Well...I have always begged my mom to get me any pet since i was a little girl. But she have
always said no, partly because she was super allergic to animals before. But since we went Vegan, almost all her allergies went away. So now, i am able to have pets. She's also looking forward to Pinky. She has even planted basil, lettuce and dill at the garden, just for Pinky.

So if you also want a pet, but your parents says no. Just wait for a bit longer, you may get surprised. They may change their minds. Just keep researching about whatever pet you may want.
I never thought i would get a bunny. But now i am!

Also the reason why Pinky isn't here yet is because he is getting fixed (neutered) from a vet at the shelter.  We have been told that we can pick him up at the end of this week. But the wait is killing me!

I keep on singing that song all of the time -I'm so excited, i just can't hide it, oooo!!!!-

Hope you are all doing well and thanks for reading!

"Don't let your dreams, be dreams"


onsdag den 17. april 2013

H&M in Malmo,Sweden

Taken in the changing rooms in H&M

Hello fellow blogger friends!

Hope you all are doing wonderful this lovely day. I just wanted to share my
thoughts on H&M. 
So since i was a kid, i have always loved H&M. But i feel like some stores
are better than others. 
The H&M store in Malmo, Sweden has to be the best one yet (that i have been to)!
They have so many feminine clothes to choose from, not like my local H&M that
barely has one dress, that i like.

On the picture above, you can see some of the clothes i bought in Malmo. I usually wear
leggings underneath the dress though.

The leopard dress is a little short, but as long as you wear leggings or tights underneath
it's fine.

Hope you all get to visit the H&M in Malmo, because it's awesome.

Thanks for reading!

onsdag den 27. marts 2013

My first photography gig! (not really)

Taken in Malmo,Sweden
Hello fellow blogger friends!

I just want to tell you guys about a little experience i had today in Sweden.

I visited beautiful Malmo today, which was pretty exciting and fun. Our mission
today was to eat yummy vegan food at Vegegården  and shop some awesome vegan
food at "Astrid och Aporna".  We did both.

As we were walking towards Vegegården two people asked us to take a picture of them.
My mom was going to do it, but their camera was a Canon camera, and she seemed hesitant
to do it so i decided to take the picture instead. I was so excited since their camera had a really long lens  So i took the picture and they both smiled. I gave their camera back and asked if the picture was ok. They responded with 2 beautiful words (in spanish) "Siiiiii" and "gracias!". Even though this experience would probably mean very little to others, i felt like 
a  part of my dream came though. 

I don't know, maybe i'm exaggerating, but at that moment i knew photography HAS to be my future job. Someday, i will. I have to. I NEED to.

Thanks for reading guys!
Happy Easter!


søndag den 24. marts 2013

90's Survey inspired by JoeyGraceffa & Missglamorazzi

Edited on

Hello fellow blogger friends!
I saw Joey and Ingrid's video the other night and i
thought it would be fun to do the 90's survey that they made. It's also a great way to share a bit of my childhood to you guys.
Also feel free to do this survey too! I would love to read them!
Let's start!

I was born in 1994...

1. Favorite Disney channel original movie? ( or Nickelodeon movie/series) 
=  Well i didn't have a Disney channel until i was 12, but i did have a Nickelodeon channel.
And let me start with, that i was obsessed with those TV shows. Every time i got home from school, and every weekend i would sit in front of the television eating a snack watching cartoons. 
It's so hard to pick only one, but i think i have to go with "Rugrats"! I remember so many moments where i just sat on my couch eating some sweets watching the same episodes over and over again. I never got tired of them. haha... One of my favorite episode must have been the episode where they dived into Chuckie's stomach to get the watermelon seed he swallowed. Since that episode i always think that if i swallow a fruit seeds it's going to grow in my stomach...haha... 
Here enjoy little of my childhood: 

2. Favorite music artist?
= Back then, i wasn't really that into music. I enjoyed watching movies a lot more.  But some of my favorite songs where in movies and tv series. To be honest i don't  remember 
any of them...

3. Favorite Nick Jr. show?
=  It was probably "Dora the explorer" (i know the show started in 2000, but it's the only show i can remember). Even though i never admitted watching it because i was so embarrassed, i loved it. Especially the "Swiper, no swiping!" scenes, haha...

4. Favorite candy?
= I was obsessed with the "melody pops"! ( here's a picture  ) I didn't know how to whistle, and i desperately wanted to learn, so by using this candy, i thought i would learn how to. haha... I also loved the "Diamond lollipops" (picture).  Basically i loved lollipops  even though they always hurt my tongue. I wasn't really into chocolate, i loved those colored candies filled with

5. Favorite game? (board game, school game, etc.)
= I loved playing board games, when i was younger. One of my favorites that we would play in school was "Guess who" (picture). I adored that game. I would always be the one forcing everyone to play board games for hours and hours. Everyone would be tired, but not me! haha.. Another of my favorites where Uno and Monopoly, classics...

6. Favorite McDonald's Happy Meal toy?
= Ohh.. We didn't really go to McDonal's when i was young ( neither do we now). But from the few memories i remember loving any toy, as long as it was free and colorful!

7. Favorite book?
= I almost never read as a child. But i loved the "Donald duck" comics. I used to have a box filled with those magazines. Even as a child i loved collecting things. I think one of the reasons why i didn't like to read is because i was a very artsy and visual kid, which is why i loved comics. Donald duck would just make me laugh so much.

8. Favorite clothing store?
= There were only about 3 stores that i would shop at regularly, and those were H&M, Ecco and  Åhlens. I loved comfortable pants, hoodies, skirts and sometimes dresses. I loved to shop for clothes, and i still do. Not so sure if i had a great fashion sense back then, but i think i thought i did... 

9. What would you watch when you'd get home from school?
= As i said before "Rugrats". But of course i watched tons more. One of my other favorite were definitely "Rocket Power". That show was so entertaining. I would always imagine that i was Reggie had that i had friends like Otto. It was my dream to have an adventurous life like theirs. 
"All that" was another favorite. I remember my mom hated that show, since she thought it was corny. Not that many people my age watched English speaking series ( in Sweden), but i enjoyed the non dubbed versions a lot more. "All that" was never dubbed, which i appreciated a lot. Some of my other favorites were "Hey Arnold", "The wild thornberrys" and "CatDog".

Hope you enjoyed!
Happy Easter!

torsdag den 14. marts 2013

Easter dessert!

Hello fellow blogger friends!

Thought i would share this Easter dessert recipe i made on my other channel. It
is a video showing you how to make Vegan Semlor.
I don't think i have ever seen Vegan Semlor before...

It is Vegan and super easy to make. This is a Swedish dessert which is eaten between
Christmas and May. But people in Sweden eat Semlor a lot during the Easter time.

And happy Easter!


mandag den 11. februar 2013

My first shout out on Youtube!

Hello fellow blogger friends!

So how are you doing? I'm doing great!
Last weekend was so exciting for me. I got my first shout out on Youtube ( It's made by a sweet girl who i think is so talented. 

I saw her sticker video ( showing her homemade stickers) and wrote a comment on her video saying i liked her art and her cute editing skills. Then we started messaging each other and she asked if i liked a shout out.
I was so humbled and said "sure, thank you".
When i washed her video ( which i did several times, and i even showed it to my mom) i felt so happy and humbled.
I couldn't believe she made a video, which she must have taken hours to film and edit...  I am extremely grateful. 
So please do check out her awesome channel here:
Subscribe,like and comment on her videos. =) Thanks!

And i also want to thank everyone else who watches on my videos!

Here's a sneak peak on one of my future videos:

// Aria

søndag den 6. januar 2013

My 2012 favorites!

Hello fellow blogger friends!!

First of all i want to say Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a fantastic year.

So after watching so many "My 2012 favorites" videos on Youtube, i
wanted to make one myself.

Here are my favorites!

Teen wolf - I started to watch this series with my mom about 3 days before New Years eve.
We got pretty obsessed with it. Didn't take long before we were done watching it. The 3rd
season comes back this summer and i'm super excited!
If you don't know anything about the series then let me give you a little summary.
The series is about a young boy called Scott, who gets bitten and becomes a teen wolf. His
best friend Stiles is like his sidekick, helping him with the different challenges. Scott will eventually get to know a lady friend called Allison who he falls in love with. The series is very exciting
and extremely addicting.

Graphic design -  If you have read my recent blog posts on iheartart172012 then you
know i got accepted into graphic design school. I start in 2 weeks. I remember last year
about a week before vacation i got a thick letter from the school. And i got accepted.
I was incredibly happy and excited. My love for graphics started after i fell inlove with
Youtube and photography. I have always loved reading magazines, but not to
read, but to look at the graphics and layouts. Can't even belive that i got in....

Youtube - I just have to add this one. Youtube is THE BEST WEBSITE ever made.
I remember watching random videos when i was about 13 years old and i fell in
love with Youtube. The site was still fairly new and i didn't know that much about it.
I could spend hours watching celeb interviews. But then after some years i got really
bored. So i searched for entertainment. And i found Megan ( aka Meganheartsmakeup ).
She's the one who got me into make up and beauty. I acctually thought about becoming a
make up artist, for about a year. But then i fell inlove with photography.
I found other youtubers like Ingrid , Blair , Joey , Brittany and lots more. I
quickly learned that tons of people are making videos for a living, high quality videos.
That's why the summer of 2011, i made my 1st video...
Thanks Youtube for existing!

Canon EOS 600D - Before the summer i got a early 18th present from my mom.
It was a Canon camera! I wanted to have high quality videos up on my YT channel,
and i wanted to be able to focus on fotography more. It didn't take long before i learn how
to use it, since i was so obsessed with it. I still am obsessed with it.

Social blade - Social blade is a partnership program that everyone in the would can
get, if they meet the rules. I applied, and got accepted. I love them for being
so easy to write to and they always answer your questions.
Thank you for everyone who watches my videos, you guys are the reason i'm now
a partner. #dreamComeTrue

So that was some of my favorites of 2012!
Hope you enjoyed reading!

// Aria