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Volunteering at an animal shelter

My little bunny Pinky, whom i adopted from the animal shelter i volunteer at....

Hello fellow blogger friends!

I hope  you all are doing well. The other day ( November 7th ) i began volunteering at
my local animal shelter.  
My whole life, i have loved animals, and i've always wanted to help them. Which is
why i became vegan in summer of 2011, and why i don't use animal tested products.
And why i adopted Pinky, instead of buying a rabbit from a animal store.

But now i want to help on a whole other level. So i decided to start volunteering at my
local animal shelter, where i adopted Pinky from. I go there Monday to Friday, from 
10 am to 2.30pm. 

The first thing i do is say hello at the front desk, and put my bag in the closet. Then i go
straight to the bunny/small animal room first ( so i don't scare the bunnies with the scent from the dogs and cats ). I cuddle with them, brush their fur, and just try to make them
used to human interaction. Most of them, let my hold them and pet them. But there
are some who are petrified of humans, so i try not to stress them out too much.

When the clock turns 12pm, i go off to either the dogs or cats. 
It depends if there are dogs who needs a walk or not. If all the dogs already have gone
for a run, i go into the kitty room. Yesterday i spent 3 hours in a room with 6 kittens and their mom. They were adorable, and very playful. They even slept on my legs and tummy.

I truly think everyone that loves animals should go and volunteer. It feels so good that you
made their day a little brighter, while they wait for a family to pick them up.

Hope this inspired you to go and vounteer!

Have an amazing day guys!

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