onsdag den 27. marts 2013

My first photography gig! (not really)

Taken in Malmo,Sweden
Hello fellow blogger friends!

I just want to tell you guys about a little experience i had today in Sweden.

I visited beautiful Malmo today, which was pretty exciting and fun. Our mission
today was to eat yummy vegan food at Vegegården  and shop some awesome vegan
food at "Astrid och Aporna".  We did both.

As we were walking towards Vegegården two people asked us to take a picture of them.
My mom was going to do it, but their camera was a Canon camera, and she seemed hesitant
to do it so i decided to take the picture instead. I was so excited since their camera had a really long lens  So i took the picture and they both smiled. I gave their camera back and asked if the picture was ok. They responded with 2 beautiful words (in spanish) "Siiiiii" and "gracias!". Even though this experience would probably mean very little to others, i felt like 
a  part of my dream came though. 

I don't know, maybe i'm exaggerating, but at that moment i knew photography HAS to be my future job. Someday, i will. I have to. I NEED to.

Thanks for reading guys!
Happy Easter!


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