mandag den 11. februar 2013

My first shout out on Youtube!

Hello fellow blogger friends!

So how are you doing? I'm doing great!
Last weekend was so exciting for me. I got my first shout out on Youtube ( It's made by a sweet girl who i think is so talented. 

I saw her sticker video ( showing her homemade stickers) and wrote a comment on her video saying i liked her art and her cute editing skills. Then we started messaging each other and she asked if i liked a shout out.
I was so humbled and said "sure, thank you".
When i washed her video ( which i did several times, and i even showed it to my mom) i felt so happy and humbled.
I couldn't believe she made a video, which she must have taken hours to film and edit...  I am extremely grateful. 
So please do check out her awesome channel here:
Subscribe,like and comment on her videos. =) Thanks!

And i also want to thank everyone else who watches on my videos!

Here's a sneak peak on one of my future videos:

// Aria

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