lørdag den 28. juli 2012

Web reviews episode 3: Polyvore

I love Polyvore

Hello fellow blogger friends!

 So i have loved Polyvore for a long time now, but it's only now that
i have been truly enjoying it.
Polyvore is a very famous web site so i am sure you girls & guys know
about it, but i thought it would be fun to share my thoughts about

On polyvore you can search different "sets" and get ideas on what to
wear for example. You can also be the person to make
the sets, which i suggest you do because it's so much fun. It's 
like window shopping, but on the internet!

I have made sets on Polyvore , like the one you can see on top. I love it,
because i feel like i am shopping while making a set, but it's for 
FREE! If you love fashion, then you are going to adore this site.
There's always some kind contests that you can join, where you can
win pretty cool prizes.

Some of my favorite people there are the following:

¤ PETA because all their sets are cruelty free. I try to make sets
that are cruelty free too. But it is hard to find them, so i just 
pick the clothes i like ( but in real life i only use vegan stuff,yay vegans!).

¤ giselled because she is my internet friend and has an awesome
fashion sense. ( check out her Youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/GiselleMusicOfficial  )

Thank  you so much for reading, and check out the site!

// Aria

torsdag den 12. juli 2012

Favorite Youtuber ( at the moment) : danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil

Lama by flickrfavoritesLion by wwarby  


Hello fellow blogger friends

Welcome to my new serie called Favorite Youtuber (at the moment)!

So at the moment DanisonfireAmazingPhil are my favorite
youtubers. I just discovered them last week after watching one of MoreCatrific's vlogs at Vidcon ( which is their friend from USA).

Dan and Phil are two British youtubers who are best friends. They
are incredibly funny and entertaining to watch.

My favorite videos of Dan is his truth or dare videos and his pranking
videos. And i think the lama is like Dan's mascot, but i'm not sure =).

I love Phil video as well, and my favorite videos from him is
probably his vlogs or when he just talks to us the viewers about his
life... And his mascot is a lion =)

What i love about them is that they seem so nice and down to earth,
and they are so much fun to watch. 

Dan and Phil own a channel together called Thesuperamazingproject . On that channel they make videos about supernatural things and it's super
funny and exciting to watch! They also both on separate vlog channels ( Dan's channel = Danisnotineresting , Phil's channel = LessAmazingPhil ).

So together they have 5 channels, wow...hard work!

I love their channels, and if you haven't already then you should check them both out and subscribe! 

Hope you enjoyed this blog!
And feel free to suggest any YT channels in the comments, so i can check them out and possibly make a blog about it ( and give you a shout out!)

// Aria

What is this new series (favorite youtuber) about?
Well, i love watching youtubers and i always have different favorites. So i thought
it would be fun to share my thoughts about them, and maybe you will discover
a new favorite as well =)

I got the lion photo here
I got the lama photo here

onsdag den 4. juli 2012

Web reviews episode 2: flickr

flickr Badges by poolie
flickr Badges, a photo by poolie on Flickr.
I got this picture Here

Hello fellow blogger friends!

I recently found out about this amazing website called Flickr . 
Don't know why i only found out about it now, because it's
super popular and have tons of beautiful pictures.

Flickr is a website for amateur and professional photographers, or 
for people who like looking at pretty pictures.
There are some amazing and talented people there.

I love just browsing threw the website, looking at pictures from all over the world!
I have actually made my own profile and i have uploaded some pictures too ( not
nearly as good as some other "real" photographers on there).   But if you are interested
check out my pictures HERE.

What i use the website for is to copy the pictures i need and put them in
some of my blog posts ( The picture on top is from flickr). But 
i always make sure that the owner of the picture allows copying. 
You can know that if it says Attribution on the bottom right side. 
But make sure to read what the licenses on the picture are, because
some owners don't want others to copy their pictures.
All my pictures are available to copy as long as you write where you
took it from. =)

Another thing you can do on Flickr is selling your pictures or buying pictures.

Hope you check out the website!

// Aria