tirsdag den 29. november 2011

Vegan food series: Simple Raw restaurant

Hello Everyone!
The other week me and my mom went to a vegan restaurant called Simple Raw here in Denmark. Go and check out their website ( but the website is in danish, so if you can't understand danish, then i'm sorry but if you want, you are all welcome to ask me any questions, and i'll try my best to answer them )  ! =) .It was the first time i have ever been to a vegan restaurant, and i was so excited to finally try it out. And my mom was excited as well because for the first time in a while she did not have to cook our lunch, haha...Sometimes it's hard being vegan, especially here in Denmark where there are almost no vegan restaurants. Other countries like USA and UK are lucky because they have so many vegan restaurants and vegan cheese, vegan meat, and more. =). I have been vegan for about 4 months ( but i started experimenting veganism in September last year, 2010).And i will continue to be vegan forever! =). 

Alright let me tell you about this wonderful restaurant...

On the picture above you can see what me and my mom ordered. I get hungry just looking at it =). There was so much food to choose from.

On the picture above you can see a very green salad. The ingredients are avocado, cherry tomatoes, spinach, with sunflower seeds and white sesame seeds tossed in apple-ginger dressing. The salad tastes amazing. When you first taste it, it may taste a little strong because of the apple-ginger dressing, but after a while it goes away. I love that there's a sweet/sour taste to it. And one thing i really loved is that the veggies are so fresh tasting, as if they just harvested it =).Don't eat this salad alone though, because it may look like a little, but it will make you full so fast, promise! So share it with someone else, i shared it with my mom. That's also another thing i love about vegan food, you don't have to eat a lot of food to feel full and complete. So this salad gets a 9/10!

This is Espresso, with almond milk which my mom ordered. This can actually also be served with cow's milk. It's the only food or drink that's not vegan, don't know why they included cow's milk when it's a vegan restaurant...Ohh, well... My mom loved this drink, i don't drink coffee but i tried it and i did not love it.But you can't love everything, right? But it looks very pretty =)  So this gets 8/10.

Alright now, on to the desserts! MY favorite part =)

This is  the raw lemon cheese cake. My mom ordered this and she loved it. Cheese cakes used to be my mom's favorite junk food, and when we became vegan, she had a hard time, not having it. So when we finally found this restaurant with vegan cheese cakes, my mom got so happy! =). I loved this cheese cake as well. It tastes very lemony and fresh.And so sweet. yummy... Grade : 10/10 !!! 

This is absolutely my favorite food we ordered. It's the triple chocolate cake.mm... I can still remember the chocolaty taste. When i first tasted it, my eyes got so big, and i had a huge smile on my face. It was so amazing.And the texture was so soft and creamy. LOved it =). Grade : 10000000000/10000000000 =)

Now let's talk about the looks of the restaurant:

It may be a little difficult to find Simple Raw because you can barley see the Simple Raw sign on top of the restaurant.  But it's worth looking for. I love the architecture of the building. It looks very clean and royal like.

When you step in Simple Raw you will see that it's very small and cozy, kind of like you're home in your living room. I think it looks so cute with all the wood. And the chairs are very comfy too.

While waiting for your meal, you can read vegan/raw books.

the tables are so cute!

So all in all we had an amazing time at Simple Raw, and i totally recommend it to everyone, even non-vegans =).

Thanks for reading!

// Aria 

søndag den 13. november 2011

My skin care routine

Hey everybody!

Today's post i'm going to tell you my day/night skin routine, hope you enjoy!

Every product is from the Tea Tree  skin care line from The Body Shop.
I discovered these products summer of 2011. I read about the products from a magazine and i knew i wanted to try it out.
This line is for oily and acne prone skin, which my skin is.

So let me tell you about the products!

Tea Tree skin clearing Facial wash:
I use this everyday and night.
I love this face wash because it does not dry my skin out, it feels so refreshing when you use it. 
The consistency is very creamy and soft. It's much better to use a face wash then to use normal soap, because soap can break you out ( it broke me out a lot when i used regular soap on my face).

How to use it :
It's very easy to use, use it just like a normal soap. 
Wet your face, rub it gently into your skin, wash it of, and dry! 

Tea Tree Blackhead exfoliating wash :
Love this product so much.
I use it every morning of the week. I have very sensitive skin so at first i thought it would be to harsh on my skin, i use this every day, and it's not! The product is very gentle and smells awesome too =)
My blackheads have reduced a lot, especially around my nose area.

How to use it :
Wet your face, rub the scrub gently into your skin, and wash it of!
I use a electric tooth brush to rub the scrub into my skin ( Learned by Michelle Phan ) , i find it works much better when you use the electric tooth brush then with just your hands.

Tea Tree skin clearing foaming cleanser:
This is so cool, because in the bottle the products consistency is like water and when you push out the product it turns into foam!
I use this product every morning and nigh, except on Saturday nights.
Love this product so much, the oil on my skin has lessened, without drying out my skin.

How to use it :
Put the product on a cotton pad and distribute it all around your face. Do not wash it of just let the product dry into your skin.

Tea Tree face mask:
I use this every Saturday night. Only use this once a week, because   masks can dry out your skin if you use it too often ( but sometime i use it more than one a week, for example when i feel stressed).
It is very relaxing while the mask is on your face.
When you put on the mask your face will feel warm, and then cold. 
This mask is so amazing, this is the best product of this line i think.

How to use it:
put the product on clean fingers and distribute it on your dry face. Let it dry on your face for about 20 minutes. It kind of feels like you are at the spa, haha...
After 20 minutes wash the product of your face, and dry.

Tea tree skin clearing lotion:
This lotion is so amazing because it makes your skin feel so refreshed and smooth.
And my acne has reduced so much because of this.

How to use it:
Rub the product gently on your face, and let it dry.

When i use them :

Monday - Friday and Sunday ( Saturday mornings)                                         Saturdays (nights)
Face wash                                                                                                      Face wash
Scrub                                                                                                             Mask
Tonic                                                                                                              Lotion                                                                                                                                                                          

After doing all these steps your skin will feel so smooth and clean, i truly love it and totally recommend it to all you oily and acne prone people. =)

Thanks for reading and have an awesome week!

// Aria

tirsdag den 1. november 2011

October Random Favorites! ( Les Choristes, Jean Baptiste Maunier, France)

Hey Everybody!

I've decided to make a random favorites blog post today!
But before i start i have to warn you, it almost all about french music, and France it self =).hehe.

So on the top of my October random favorite list is : 
Les Choristes
I watched this movie last week in my french class, and i just fell in love with the movie...
The movie is about a school in France where bad behaved boys live and study and there is a new teacher ( who will teach them all to sing). The movie is not a musical but there is a lot of beautiful singing in it. I don't want to spoil anything because i think you should watch it yourself, i promise it's worth your time! =).
The songs in the movie is amazing. I listen to them everyday on my way to school, while doing my homework and more...My personal favorite is "Vois Sur Ton Chemin". And a good tip is while doing your french homework listen to the songs in this movie, it has really helped me a lot with my pronunciation =).
While watching the movie i fell in love with the lead role young Pierre ( Jean Baptiste Maunier). His voice was just so amazing and his acting skills...wow. I was so shocked. 

And the second on my October random favorite list is :
Jean Baptiste Maunier
Jean ( also called JB) played young Pierre in Les Choristes. As i said i fell in love with him while watching the show. I was just so shocked of how amazing his voice was ( and still is ). And i'm following him on twitter (  @OfficialJeanBM  ) and i noticed how much time he spends on his fans ( i'm one of them =) ). And i really love it when singers/actors do that. And he is really cute too =). 

My third favorite is :
France and their language
I have always thought french was a beautiful language, but now i have gotten really obsessed with becoming fluent in french. Everyday i listen to the soundtrack of "Les Choristes" and listen to french interviews with JB ( Jean Baptiste Maunier). I have not been there yet, but it's my dream to visit someday...
I have been taken french class for about 2 years now, so i can understand some french. But it's really hard to learn a new language if you don't speak it everyday, and that why i decided to listen to french music ( and sing it when i'm alone and no one can hear,hehe..). France also have so many artistic things there too. I love art a lot, all kinds of art, weather it's music, beauty, dancing, theater, movies, drawings...anything...
(I feel like art is one of the most important things there is).

My fourth favorite is :
 Making Youtube videos 
I never though  making beauty/art/cooking videos would be so much fun. I have known about Youtube for about 4 years now, but it's only now that i made my own videos. Making beauty/art videos is so amazing, and every time someone leave a nice comment i just feel so happy and complete...=).
I just love it.
And making cooking videos with my mom is also awesome! Love spending time with my mom. 

So i Hope everybody are having a nice day and i'm looking forward to the next blog post!

// Aria

How to make raw Popsicles for Halloween!!

Hey everyone!
And Happy Halloween!

So this video is a little late but better late than never, right? =)

I love these Popsicles, i think they taste just like the ones you buy at the grocery.

They were also very fun to make.

Have an amazing Halloween!

// Aria