onsdag den 17. april 2013

H&M in Malmo,Sweden

Taken in the changing rooms in H&M

Hello fellow blogger friends!

Hope you all are doing wonderful this lovely day. I just wanted to share my
thoughts on H&M. 
So since i was a kid, i have always loved H&M. But i feel like some stores
are better than others. 
The H&M store in Malmo, Sweden has to be the best one yet (that i have been to)!
They have so many feminine clothes to choose from, not like my local H&M that
barely has one dress, that i like.

On the picture above, you can see some of the clothes i bought in Malmo. I usually wear
leggings underneath the dress though.

The leopard dress is a little short, but as long as you wear leggings or tights underneath
it's fine.

Hope you all get to visit the H&M in Malmo, because it's awesome.

Thanks for reading!

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