onsdag den 29. maj 2013

Adopting a rabbit : Pinky the bunny!

Photo: not taken by me
Location: At the shelter where Pinky is staying at
Hello fellow blogger friends!

If you have been reading my latest tweets, then you know that i have adopted a cute
little bunny called Pinky. He is only 2 years old, and he's so adorable! He was homeless
for some time before he got to the shelter, =( Happy they found him though.

I have never had my own pet/pet child before, except when i had 2 bunnies for a week. Who
i really miss *Love you Cherry and Berry!*. 

I connect to animals so fast. I mean, it's a little bit ridiculous...
An example is last Saturday, i went to the shelter to meet Pinky for the first time. And
i only met him for about 10 minutes. I got to pet him a bit, but that's it!
Now i feel like i've known him for my whole life, and i miss him so much!
I know, i probably sound crazy, but it's true!

I truly can not wait to have him here at home, in my arms. We have already bought his huge cage, litter box, food/water dishes, hay, traveling bag, toys, hiding hut and more! I have
filmed everything that i got and i am going to make a video about my whole process of preparing for little Pinky.  Also get ready for a lot of DIY rabbit toys!

Anyways, you might ask, -why did you decide to get a pet rabbit?-.
Well...I have always begged my mom to get me any pet since i was a little girl. But she have
always said no, partly because she was super allergic to animals before. But since we went Vegan, almost all her allergies went away. So now, i am able to have pets. She's also looking forward to Pinky. She has even planted basil, lettuce and dill at the garden, just for Pinky.

So if you also want a pet, but your parents says no. Just wait for a bit longer, you may get surprised. They may change their minds. Just keep researching about whatever pet you may want.
I never thought i would get a bunny. But now i am!

Also the reason why Pinky isn't here yet is because he is getting fixed (neutered) from a vet at the shelter.  We have been told that we can pick him up at the end of this week. But the wait is killing me!

I keep on singing that song all of the time -I'm so excited, i just can't hide it, oooo!!!!-

Hope you are all doing well and thanks for reading!

"Don't let your dreams, be dreams"


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