torsdag den 11. juli 2013

My dream vacations

Hello fellow blogger friends!

Since i am such a dreamer, i thought i would share one of my dream.

I love to travel, and i constantly dream about becoming a travel photographer. Because of this i always search on Pinterest ( click to see my travel wish list pictures )
So let me give you 2 of my top travel fantasies.

1. Relaxing, warm, tropical...
Crystal clear water, Bahamas
Since it's summer time, i have been craving the beach! There are no beaches here in Denmark, so i would love to travel to a beautiful beach, with crystal clear water, white sand, and bright sunshine. I am kind of like a little fish, i always have been. When the water is on my skin, it just feels so relaxing, especially when there's soft sand underneath my feet. Whenever i get to go the the beach, i love to just float in the water, while looking at the beautiful sky. I would love to live right next to the beach, so that when i look out of my window i can see the beautiful water... 

Of course, the number one place i would love to go, for my tropical adventure, is HAWAII!! Everyone who goes there always comes back smiling, with tons of beautiful memories. I have always dreamed of going there, since i was a little girl. If i ever go there, i will film and photograph so much! People who live in Hawaii are so lucky!

2. Adventure, cold, winter wonderland
Winter adventure guide: ski bums, snowshoe racing, and snowboarding
Since i went skiing in Norway 2 years ago, i fell in love with the sport. I remember in the beginning, it was really hard to go down the slopes, but after a day of practicing i was racing down the mountains. It was so much fun! But don't think i didn't fall, i fell like a hundred  times. When i went home my legs were all black and blue.  It was the best adventure ever, and i would love to do it again. But next time, i would love to try some bigger mountains. 

I would love to travel to Switzerland, and ski at their beautiful mountains. 

I have no idea why i love snow so much, probably because it reminds me of Christmas. Skiing fells like you are floating, and it is such a rush when you go up the bumps. It was so scary but, i felt so free in the air. It's funny because my teacher told me while i was skiing down a hill, - One day we are going to see Aria at the Olympics, and she is going to win-. Haha... It was fun, but i am not that good! =)

Okay, instead of telling you my dream vacation, i told you about one of my favorite memories...Sorry!

I also love taking photographs of the trees filled with snow. The only bad thing when it's winter is that the camera battery gets empty fast, because of the cold.
..:: Winter Adventure ::..


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