lørdag den 28. april 2012

My dream vacation

My dream vacation
Hello everybody!

I have a dream vacation, as most people probably do.
Someday i wish to travel to Hawaii and swim in the clear blue sea, walk in the soft warm sand, take pictures of the mountains...
And of course i need to wear some cute topical clothes!

The clothing and accessories you see above are some of the things i would love to bring.

I don't really like wearing a bikini so i would probably wear a tank top and some shorts for when i'm going to swim in the sea.

Then when it's time to eat some tropical fruits and relax on the sand and get some vitamin D from the sun, i will probably wear a cute dress above the swim wear and a big hat.  

I would also love to learn how to scuba dive, but i think i have to get a licence first...hehe

If you could travel anywhere for a month where would you travel?
Post in the comments bellow!

Talk to you all later!


// Aria

mandag den 23. april 2012

Review & thoughts on yummy dried Mango

Hello everyone!

I have recently fallen in love with this incredibly yummy product! 
It's dried mangoes by Urtekram and it tastes amazing. I love the chewy consistency and the sweet taste. 

I'm vegan and also don't eat wheat so sometimes it gets a little hard to find desserts that has no dairy, animal ingredients,  wheat, sugar or bad ingredients like different kinds of preservatives  in it. So i am really happy that i have found this little snack.

If your country does not sell the Urtekram dried mango, then just try to experiment and buy different dried mangoes from different companies. Just remember to buy the organic and natural kind, with no sugar or preservatives.Dried mango tastes amazing on it's own.

 hope you try eating dried mango!
It's delicious, i promise!

Here is the Danish website for Urtekram
Here is the UK website for Urtekram

fredag den 20. april 2012

The Body Shop: Chocomania body scrub

Hello everybody,
I got inspired by my mom to make more review blog posts. So today i'm reviewing this incredible product from The Body Shop called Chocomania body scrub.

Chocomania is a line on The Body Shop, and the whole line is inspired by chocolate, hints the name =). I have also tried out the body butter, but i actually lost it somewhere in my house... It's too bad because i actually loved it.

Anyway, this scrub is the best scrub i have ever used in the 17 years i have been living on this earth! It is surprisingly and incredibly moisturizing, and of course it smells just like chocolate, mmm...

I bought this scrub about 1-2 months ago, and there's still a lot left. So it's definitively worth the 150 danish crowns ( It's 6 dollars on the USA online shop)

I really think you guys are going to love this scrub so you should definitively try it out, or even just smell at it in the shop ( smells incredibly!).

I hope you are all doing well, and thank you so much for reading this blog post!

// Aria

Check out my mom's blog HERE
You can buy this scrub online HERE

onsdag den 18. april 2012

Introducing my mom's new blog : Reviewfreak2012

Hello eveyone!

So i wanted to announce to you guys that my mom has actually gotten a blog!
It is called  reviewfreak2012 and she has already made 5 blogs in just 2 days. She is loving it so much, and i'm so happy for her.
On her blog she reviews about anything she's obsessed or loving at the moment. She makes posts about movies,books,vitamins and more! She writes incredibly good and every time i read her posts i can feel her passion to whatever she's writing about.

I would love it if you could go to her blog and read some of her posts, and if you like it then it would make her incredibly happy if you could comment, or maybe even follow her blog =)

Thank you guys!

// Aria