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Gluten sensitivity

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Hello fellow blogger friends!

So if you have read my latest tweets ( my twitter ), you know i have had some problems with gluten
lately. These past year i have been noticing that whenever i eat gluten i get really tired and get eczema.
But i never thought of quitting eating bread and pasta, because they are one of my favorite foods.

But about a month ago i decided to stop eating gluten, and it was so hard. Especially since my family members buy lots of bread and noodles, so it's hard to resist. But i was able to stick to the diet for a few
weeks, then the other day it was "that" time of the month and i got huge cravings for bread!
I took 2 pieces of bread with a bit of vegan butter, and i even ate some vegan pre made noodle soup. That was a really bad idea, because the day after my tummy hurt so bad, i felt really tired and got tons of eczema on
my legs and arm. When i get eczema, they bleed and they are so itchy! I also felt like i was going
to throw up ( i didn't ), and i had some "problems" in the bathroom, if you know what i mean.

The reason why the gluten had such a big effect on me this time, was because i hadn't eaten gluten for
a few weeks, so my body wasn't used to it anymore. So i decided to research about gluten sensitivity, 
and oh my gosh, i found a lot of info.
One thing i found about which really scared me was that Gluten sensitivity can trigger a disease called
Celiac disease. This is a really scary disease, because it's kind of like a very slow bomb inside your body.
It can cause cancer, which can kill you. A lot of celiac disease patients that didn't go on a gluten free, died.

Link: http://www.glutenfreesociety.org/

I am not trying to scary you guys, but if you have had any bad reaction to gluten, then you may
be sensitive to gluten or maybe even have the celiac disease. Try to stop eating gluten for a month,
then try a piece of bread, and see if you have any bad reaction like, stomach ache, nausea, sleepy, loose
stool, eczema and headache. If you do have a bad reaction, then you should stop eating gluten.
A gluten free diet is the only cure for this problem. I have had this problem for a while, and i do not
want to get celiac disease, so i have promised to myself that i will NEVER eat gluten again. Even
 though i'm only sensitive to it, it still can cause problems in the future, if i ignore my body.

Link: http://www.wikihow.com/images/d/d3/Recognize-Gluten-Intolerance-Step-15-Version-2.jpg

So guys, please listen to your body, and don't eat anything that your body doesn't approve of. It might
just be pain right now, but you don't know what it can lead to in the future. 
Be safe guys, and thanks for reading!

Happy early Halloween!

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