fredag den 6. december 2013

My daily routine

Hello fellow blogger friends!

I love to watch/read about peoples everyday routine. It really fascinates me,haha..
So I thought it would be fun to share my everyday routine, especially since it's a bit
different because i have a little bunny now.

8.45am - Wake Up
The first thing i do in the morning is i brush my teeth, then i open my advent calendar ( If it's December).
After that i make my bed, and let Pinky out of his cage. I then give him fresh water & veggies. But
before he get's his veggies i have to syringe feed him water, since he doesn't drink enough. If it's Tuesday
this is usually the time i leave to go and volunteer at the animal shelter!

9.45am - Eat breakfast
Then it's time to eat breakfast.Today we ate potatoes, veggie balls and veggies. We also usually watch
a tv show while we eat. These couple of weeks we have been watching "Psych" ( currently
watching season 7 ).

10.45am - Youtube/check mail
I usually spend about 30 minutes checking mail/comments, and check my subscription box. I then proceed
to check for new content. I love that site. Then i look at my list on my computer to check
what i should upload next. I just checked it and next on the list is for me to write this blog post!

12.30pm - Do chores
Around this time, if we aren't going out grocery shopping or doing anything else outside, i do my chores.
Usually this consists of folding our clothes, wash the dishes or anything else mom needs help with.
This is also the time Pinky get's his second syringe feed (water) of the day. Depending on the day i 
usually film videos during lunch time, since the light outside is the brightest during this time. If i'm not
filming i'm editing. And all day i go to Pinky and cuddle with him!

12.30pm - 11pm - edit videos/shop/chores
In between these hours i just do random things. Today we are going out to buy candy to eat while we
watch "Catching fire". Then around 11pm we go to bed, and so does Pinky!

Thanks for reading everyone!
Happy holiday!

And everyone in Denmark, stay safe from #bodil the storm!


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