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90's Survey inspired by JoeyGraceffa & Missglamorazzi

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Hello fellow blogger friends!
I saw Joey and Ingrid's video the other night and i
thought it would be fun to do the 90's survey that they made. It's also a great way to share a bit of my childhood to you guys.
Also feel free to do this survey too! I would love to read them!
Let's start!

I was born in 1994...

1. Favorite Disney channel original movie? ( or Nickelodeon movie/series) 
=  Well i didn't have a Disney channel until i was 12, but i did have a Nickelodeon channel.
And let me start with, that i was obsessed with those TV shows. Every time i got home from school, and every weekend i would sit in front of the television eating a snack watching cartoons. 
It's so hard to pick only one, but i think i have to go with "Rugrats"! I remember so many moments where i just sat on my couch eating some sweets watching the same episodes over and over again. I never got tired of them. haha... One of my favorite episode must have been the episode where they dived into Chuckie's stomach to get the watermelon seed he swallowed. Since that episode i always think that if i swallow a fruit seeds it's going to grow in my stomach...haha... 
Here enjoy little of my childhood: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EA10jLsKB0 

2. Favorite music artist?
= Back then, i wasn't really that into music. I enjoyed watching movies a lot more.  But some of my favorite songs where in movies and tv series. To be honest i don't  remember 
any of them...

3. Favorite Nick Jr. show?
=  It was probably "Dora the explorer" (i know the show started in 2000, but it's the only show i can remember). Even though i never admitted watching it because i was so embarrassed, i loved it. Especially the "Swiper, no swiping!" scenes, haha...

4. Favorite candy?
= I was obsessed with the "melody pops"! ( here's a picture  ) I didn't know how to whistle, and i desperately wanted to learn, so by using this candy, i thought i would learn how to. haha... I also loved the "Diamond lollipops" (picture).  Basically i loved lollipops  even though they always hurt my tongue. I wasn't really into chocolate, i loved those colored candies filled with chemicals...mm..

5. Favorite game? (board game, school game, etc.)
= I loved playing board games, when i was younger. One of my favorites that we would play in school was "Guess who" (picture). I adored that game. I would always be the one forcing everyone to play board games for hours and hours. Everyone would be tired, but not me! haha.. Another of my favorites where Uno and Monopoly, classics...

6. Favorite McDonald's Happy Meal toy?
= Ohh.. We didn't really go to McDonal's when i was young ( neither do we now). But from the few memories i remember loving any toy, as long as it was free and colorful!

7. Favorite book?
= I almost never read as a child. But i loved the "Donald duck" comics. I used to have a box filled with those magazines. Even as a child i loved collecting things. I think one of the reasons why i didn't like to read is because i was a very artsy and visual kid, which is why i loved comics. Donald duck would just make me laugh so much.

8. Favorite clothing store?
= There were only about 3 stores that i would shop at regularly, and those were H&M, Ecco and  Åhlens. I loved comfortable pants, hoodies, skirts and sometimes dresses. I loved to shop for clothes, and i still do. Not so sure if i had a great fashion sense back then, but i think i thought i did... 

9. What would you watch when you'd get home from school?
= As i said before "Rugrats". But of course i watched tons more. One of my other favorite were definitely "Rocket Power". That show was so entertaining. I would always imagine that i was Reggie had that i had friends like Otto. It was my dream to have an adventurous life like theirs. 
"All that" was another favorite. I remember my mom hated that show, since she thought it was corny. Not that many people my age watched English speaking series ( in Sweden), but i enjoyed the non dubbed versions a lot more. "All that" was never dubbed, which i appreciated a lot. Some of my other favorites were "Hey Arnold", "The wild thornberrys" and "CatDog".

Hope you enjoyed!
Happy Easter!

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