torsdag den 27. juni 2013

Pinky's story

Hello fellow blogger friends!

So as i said in one of my blog posts, i have adopted a bunny! His name is Pinky.
I have even filmed a video, on how i prepared for him ( and you get to see him in the end ).

The first few days, he was a little afraid of us, and wouldn't come near us much. But one week went by,
and BAM! He started licking my feet and hands, and it felt like he had gotten used to us by then.

The hardest thing on our first week with Pinky, was to clean his cage/litter boxes. Because it
took us about 2 hours to finish, and we would do it every evening ( we still do this, but only for 1 hour ).

It was so cool learning about what greens he liked, and what his personality was.

3 weeks later ( June 22/23 ) he got sick. All out of the blue, he stopped eating and drinking. He wasn't
going to the bathroom. And he was just laying down, in his litter box! Which he had never done before.
My mom and i were freaking out. He hadn't been eating/drinking/pooping for about 10 hours. We knew something terrible was happening.
I kept on thinking, what if this is something super serious... We decided to call an pet ambulance ( since we don't have a car ). But we were told to drive to the Hospital our selves...
Poor little Pinky, he was so frightened in the TAXI. When we got to the hospital, Pinky started eating a piece of carrot, that i put in his carrier. Thank gosh! I was super happy.

The vet took a look at him anyways, and found out, that his teeth ( back teeth ), are a little sharp. Meaning
it could be hard for him to eat. The vet checked Pinky's ears, teeth, heat beat, temperature, and tummy.
Poor Pinky, he was shedding like crazy, because he was being carried by the vet, and got touched all over his body. And he isn't used to being carried, as we never did it.
We were given probiotics and critical care. When we got home, we gave him his medicines right away.

I can't belive how incredibly quickly he responded to the meds. He started eating and pooping right away!

*P.S. Pinky is fighting his sleep right now.So adorable! Which i could film him, but he will wake up as soon as i walk P.S:*

We hadn't slept for 48 hours, because we were to worried about him. I was so exchused, i had to stay home from school.

He still has some peoblems right now, but he is basicly not sick anymore! YAY!
We still have to syringe feed him critical care ( we don't give hime the probiotics anymore, since it caused him to shed a crazy abount ).
But we gave him fresh grass today, and he was able to eat his pellets/veggies on his own, without meds.
So the grass may be even better choice as  a medicine.

Thank you so much for reading!
And i hope you are all excited for more Pinky videos soon!

"Dont't let your dreams, be dreams"


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