lørdag den 22. december 2012

I'm now a Social Blade partner!

My x-mas tree.
I have filmed a "decorating my christmas tree" video
and will upload it soon!
Hello blogger friends!

If you are following me on twitter ( nitsujrebeib100 ) then you already know this...
I am now offically a social blade partner, for my channel Artandbeautyfreak . I can't even
begin to tell you how happy i am. I have already started costumizing my thumbnails, and i
have even made myself a banner!

This could not have happened if it weren't for all of my loyal and amazing subscribers and
viewers. So THANK YOU so much for watching my videos, writing comments, and all
of the love! I am going to work harder than ever before to upload as much content as
i possibly can. If you didn't know i am going to start at a graphic design school on January 17th. This will mean that i am going to be incredibly busy, but never too busy to make videos!

I would never have thought that making Youtube videos would be so much fun, but it is!
And i highly recommend YOU to try it out. Show the world your talents, no matter if it's
drawing, make up, photography, vlogging, sports, comedy or film. I started making videos
on the summer of 2011 and i have loved YOUtube ever since.

Also check out Social blade who is incredible, and has the best support system, in my opinion. Because of them i am now able to do anything that the YOUtube partners do. So THANK YOU social blade!

Also Thank you to YOUTUBE for existing!

I don't even know what to say anymore, just THANK YOU everyone who has ever watched my videos, tweeted me, commented on my channel, subscribed to me and more.
You guys are incredible!

This is by far the best christmas in my whole entire life!

Thank you for making my life even more exciting!


Have an Awesome day!

// Aria

torsdag den 22. november 2012

My picture was featured on Happycow.com !

See the highlighted part

Hello blogger friends!
Do you guys remember last month were i bloged about a vegan restaurant called Vegegården?
Well, remember that banana split picture, it got featured on the home page on Happycow.com.
They mailed me that they were featuring it, and i was so incredibly happy. I couldn't belive it.

Happycow.com is a website where you can find vegan restaurants super easy. There are also
vegetarian restaurants. It's because of their site that i found Vegegården and all the other vegan
restaurants. In the search field you can write where you live and the nearest restaurants will pop
up. And there are directions too!

I highly recomend the site.

Thank you for all of your support!

// Aria

mandag den 5. november 2012

Befunky review, photoshop replacement

edited in befunky.com

Hello blogger friends!

I just recently found this really cool online picture editing system called befunky.
There's a lot of effects you can use. The web site is very helpful for someone
like me who doesn't have photoshop.
Systems like photoshop are really expensive, but befunky is for free!

It is incrediby easy to use too.

You just have to try it out yourself!

My befunky profile:

// Aria

søndag den 28. oktober 2012

Vegegården a vegan restaurant

food from the buffet
Hello blogger friends!

So a few weeks ago i and my mom visited Malmö,Sweden. Before
going there we had already searched at http://www.happycow.net/ where
we could find yummy vegan restaurants.
And we found tons, but after reading the reviews, Vegegården seemed to
be the best ( and least expensive ).

From outside, the restaurant doesn't look that special, but when you step
inside, you will feel the warmth of the place immediately.
A woman who works there came up to us, right away asking us what
we wanted to order.
And as always we already had a plan on what food to order. Because
we wanted to try as much as possible we decided to go for the
BUFFET! Which was a very good choice.
Everything tasted incredible. I would have never thought that i would ever
be able to eat that yummy food before.

My favorite was definetly the deep fried shrimp ( which you can see on
the picture above). It acctually tasted like actual shrimp, which was very
surprising to me. Here in Denmark you won't be able to find 100% vegan
meats ( except online ), so it was nice to be able to taste it.

banana split

Of course we just had to order something sweet too. So we shared a banana split.
The vanilla ice cream was delicious, and the chocolate sauce was to die for.

Vegi pepper nuggets
We also decided to stock up on some veggie meat, since we knew it would be long
before we would be able to visit again.
We used this in soups a lot. It tastes amazing even if it's not deep fried.

I definetly recomend Vegegården, even to non vegans, because all of their food
is yummy, and their staff is so friendly.

Also check out Happycow.net to find vegan stores near you!

Thanks for reading and Happy early Halloween!!!

// Aria

fredag den 12. oktober 2012

Halloween- Cinderella

Halloween- Cinderella

Halloween- Cinderella by thebellaedwardjacob featuring wedding hair accessories

Hello fellow blogger friends!
I am so excited about Halloween. I have even carved a pumpkin, who i call
There will be a Halloween video on Artandbeautyfreak before Halloween
about how to carv a pumpkin!
It was a lot of fun carving, but remember to be careful. I actually hurt my hand
a bit, only a tiny scratch. Use a sharp kife, but be super careful!
I hope everyone will be having a awesome Halloween!
// Aria


søndag den 23. september 2012

Simple Raw - a vegan restaurant

Hello fellow blogger friends!

So last week it was my 18th birthday, and to celebrate me and
my mom went to Simple Raw and ate some delicious vegan food!

I love going there because i'm 100 % that everything is vegan 
( but they do offer cow milk for their coffee, if you want) I also
love being there because, the room is so warm a cozy.

warm cacao drink
Lets start with what my mom ordered.
She got a warm cacao drink.
I tried it, and i was surprised how
yummy it was. I don't usually like
hot drinks, but this cacao drink
with almond milk tastes amazing.
And it super cheap too, it only costs
34 danish crowns ( 6 dollars ).
The mug is adorable too...

zucchini spaghetti
We shared this dish. I'm not sure of
what the name of this dish is.
It's  zucchini spaghetti, with cashew
sauce and some crackers.
My mom was not that in love with
this dish, but i loved it. It could use
some extra salt though.

chocolate fudge
I ordered a chocolate fudge as
dessert. It's a bit to strong for me
but if you like dark chocolate,
then you will adore this one.
But i loved the strawberries!

Triple chocolate cake
If you read my blog post last
year about my 1st visit to simple
Raw, then you know i ordered this
last year too. It's the triple chocolate
It tasted amazing as usual.

Bellow are some pictures of the restaurant.


mini store

fredag den 10. august 2012

YouTube & blogger TAG!

YouTube by digitalbear
YouTube, a photo by digitalbear on Flickr.

Hello fellow blogger friends!

 So i thought it would be fun to make a Youtube/blogger tag. If you are
a Youtuber or blogger then feel free to answer these following questions!
I tag everybody!

( i will only answer the youtube questions, if you guys want, then
i could answer the blogger questions too, next time)

1. Why and when did you start making videos/blogs?
= I started making YT videos last summer ( 2011 ). So it's only been a year. I started making videos, because i didn't really have a hobby back then. I used to just draw or watch youtube videos in my free time. I also got inspired by tons of youtubers to make videos, one of them are
Meganheartsmakeup . Back then i was really in to makeup so i looked
up to her a lot. I still watch her though because i love watching her cute videos. 
Another reason why i started is because i have always loved filming and editing. So i started thinking about what i could film. Since i was into
beauty i thought of making nail art videos, but after a while i didn't like
it that much anymore, and made art videos instead. So this way i can combine 3 of my biggest passions, filming, editing and art!
So now i have a hobby and it's to make YT videos. I hope to some
day become a Youtube partner and be able to make videos for a living.

2. How do you think of what videos/blogs you are going to make?
Well usually i look in a Panduro magazine ( Click here to see it ). That
book gives me tons of tips! And if you watch my videos you'll see that
almost all the materials i use come from panduro.
My mom actually also inspires my a lot too. A lot of times she gives  me 
video ideas. For example the "phone case" video was inspired by her.
And then there are times when i just get an idea out of no where, it's strange how our brain works.
Oh..music and movies inspires me a lot too!

3. What was your reaction when you got your 1st subscriber and comment?
= I was super happy when i got my 1st subscriber. I wish i wrote drown
who it was, so i could thank that person right now. And when i got my 1st comment, i was super shocked, because i never though anyone would actually watch my videos. I am super thankful for everyone who watches my videos and to all of my 109 subscribers!
I can remember when Shoo Rayner made a video last year, about a month after i started making videos, which included my video..I was so happy and screamed when i got his message, asking me if he could feature my video in his video. I was in shock. So thank you to Shoo Rayner! (click here to watch the video)

So that's all of the questions. I know there's only 3, but i want you guys to ask me questions to add to this tag! Write them in the comments bellow.

I tag all of you!

// Aria

p.s. i am back to school on Monday, so i will be super busy learning about web designing and will sadly not be able to make that many blogs anymore.
I will try my very best to post blogs as frequently as possible though.

lørdag den 28. juli 2012

Web reviews episode 3: Polyvore

I love Polyvore

Hello fellow blogger friends!

 So i have loved Polyvore for a long time now, but it's only now that
i have been truly enjoying it.
Polyvore is a very famous web site so i am sure you girls & guys know
about it, but i thought it would be fun to share my thoughts about

On polyvore you can search different "sets" and get ideas on what to
wear for example. You can also be the person to make
the sets, which i suggest you do because it's so much fun. It's 
like window shopping, but on the internet!

I have made sets on Polyvore , like the one you can see on top. I love it,
because i feel like i am shopping while making a set, but it's for 
FREE! If you love fashion, then you are going to adore this site.
There's always some kind contests that you can join, where you can
win pretty cool prizes.

Some of my favorite people there are the following:

¤ PETA because all their sets are cruelty free. I try to make sets
that are cruelty free too. But it is hard to find them, so i just 
pick the clothes i like ( but in real life i only use vegan stuff,yay vegans!).

¤ giselled because she is my internet friend and has an awesome
fashion sense. ( check out her Youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/GiselleMusicOfficial  )

Thank  you so much for reading, and check out the site!

// Aria

torsdag den 12. juli 2012

Favorite Youtuber ( at the moment) : danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil

Lama by flickrfavoritesLion by wwarby  


Hello fellow blogger friends

Welcome to my new serie called Favorite Youtuber (at the moment)!

So at the moment DanisonfireAmazingPhil are my favorite
youtubers. I just discovered them last week after watching one of MoreCatrific's vlogs at Vidcon ( which is their friend from USA).

Dan and Phil are two British youtubers who are best friends. They
are incredibly funny and entertaining to watch.

My favorite videos of Dan is his truth or dare videos and his pranking
videos. And i think the lama is like Dan's mascot, but i'm not sure =).

I love Phil video as well, and my favorite videos from him is
probably his vlogs or when he just talks to us the viewers about his
life... And his mascot is a lion =)

What i love about them is that they seem so nice and down to earth,
and they are so much fun to watch. 

Dan and Phil own a channel together called Thesuperamazingproject . On that channel they make videos about supernatural things and it's super
funny and exciting to watch! They also both on separate vlog channels ( Dan's channel = Danisnotineresting , Phil's channel = LessAmazingPhil ).

So together they have 5 channels, wow...hard work!

I love their channels, and if you haven't already then you should check them both out and subscribe! 

Hope you enjoyed this blog!
And feel free to suggest any YT channels in the comments, so i can check them out and possibly make a blog about it ( and give you a shout out!)

// Aria

What is this new series (favorite youtuber) about?
Well, i love watching youtubers and i always have different favorites. So i thought
it would be fun to share my thoughts about them, and maybe you will discover
a new favorite as well =)

I got the lion photo here
I got the lama photo here

onsdag den 4. juli 2012

Web reviews episode 2: flickr

flickr Badges by poolie
flickr Badges, a photo by poolie on Flickr.
I got this picture Here

Hello fellow blogger friends!

I recently found out about this amazing website called Flickr . 
Don't know why i only found out about it now, because it's
super popular and have tons of beautiful pictures.

Flickr is a website for amateur and professional photographers, or 
for people who like looking at pretty pictures.
There are some amazing and talented people there.

I love just browsing threw the website, looking at pictures from all over the world!
I have actually made my own profile and i have uploaded some pictures too ( not
nearly as good as some other "real" photographers on there).   But if you are interested
check out my pictures HERE.

What i use the website for is to copy the pictures i need and put them in
some of my blog posts ( The picture on top is from flickr). But 
i always make sure that the owner of the picture allows copying. 
You can know that if it says Attribution on the bottom right side. 
But make sure to read what the licenses on the picture are, because
some owners don't want others to copy their pictures.
All my pictures are available to copy as long as you write where you
took it from. =)

Another thing you can do on Flickr is selling your pictures or buying pictures.

Hope you check out the website!

// Aria

lørdag den 23. juni 2012

Beauty tips: The wonders of lemons!!

Lemons!! by visualdensity
Lemons!!, a photo by visualdensity on Flickr.

Hello everyone!

So recently i have had a big hair/scalp problem... 
About a month ago my mom and
i decided to stop using shampoo and conditioner. I know what you're thinking,

Hehe...I still do shower and use shampoo and conditioner, i just use more natural products now.

So the biggest reason why i stopped using shampoo and conditioner was because
my hair was super dry and it was looking so damaged. It was not because
i was straightening or curling my hair, or because i was using lots of
products in my hair. I almost never curl or use any heat on my hair so i couldn't  
understand why my hair was like this. 

So i decided to stop using ANY chemicals in my hair. And it was ruff at 1st since
my hair was so used to the chemicals, and i was used to the perfume smell.
I decided to use lemon juice as my shampoo and conditioner ( my mom read
online that it cures dandruff and dry hair).

Here's what happened:

My hair was feeling amazing after using it once, i am not kidding. And i was so shocked
because i never thought lemon juice would be the product to cure my dandruff
and my dry hair. My hair was so shiny and manageable. 

My mom has very oily hair and she uses it too, and it works perfectly well for her as well. But it took a while ( 4 days) before my mom's hair stopped being super oily. Because she stopped using "real" shampoo and conditioner the natural oil in her hair came out.

I am definitively using lemon juice for ever!

I really recommend using lemon juice as shampoo and conditioner,
because of these reasons:

1. There are no chemicals and everything is all natural.
2. You can be 100% sure that no animals where harmed.
3. Lemon juice is 100% vegan =)
4. It makes your hair super healthy and shiny!
5.Super cheap!
And more!

Lemon juice is awesome, not only because you can use it as shampoo
and conditioner, but you can use it for other things too.

Can you use Lemon juice as face and body brightener? 
Answer: YES you can ! I use it every night when i  am in the shower. My acne on my face and
back has cleared up a lot. My face is much brighter and "alive" looking. Lemon juice also cleans your body, just like soap.

Can you use Lemon juice as hair brightener/highlighter?
Answer: YES you can!! I put some on my hands before going out in the sun
and put it all over my hair. I have dark brown hair, so it will take a while before seeing  big results, but i can see some lighter streaks here and there =).

I really hope some of you try it!

Thanks for reading!

// Aria

I got this picture here

fredag den 8. juni 2012

web reviews: OMGPOP

Hello fellow blogger friends!

I hope you all are doing well. Before i start this blog post i
want to introduce my new blog series that i am going to be making
a few times a month. I am going to start to make web site reviews.

I don't know if you guys follow me on twitter, but if you do, then you probably know that i am going to study at a media production school starting in August ( for about 2 years). I am going to study web designing with bonus 3D lessons. And i'm super excited!

So since i love going to different websites and exploring them, i thought it would be fun to review some sites for you guys!

I really hope you will like them and please post any website requests in the comments bellow!


OMGPOP is an awesome online gaming sites where all people over the world can chat while playing. That's probably  the best feature on the site, chatting with the people!And on all the games you play will different people, and it actually feels like you're playing with friends.

On OMGPOP there are tons of games you can choose from, here are some of my favorites:

¤ blockles : This is the best game on the site, in my opinion. I'm sure many people have played a very similar game to blockles, it's very popular in cell phone games too. 
All you are going to do it to get at least 4 blocks together and you get a point and sometimes also extra bonus points. And you can give trash to the opponents.
This game is super exciting, i promise!

¤ balloono : Love this game. But i'm not so good at it though..hehe. This game is about blowing your opponents up with water balloons. It is super fun, but there are so many great players, and it's super hard to win.

¤ draw my thing : You all probably know about this game, since it's such an popular Iphone app. I have not played the game on an Iphone game yet, but this game is awesome!
This game is actually the reason why i found this site. I was getting curious on what this game was about so i  googled it! And OMGPOP came up.

 ¤ booya : This game is super similar to UNO. I remember when i was younger my mom and i used to play UNO a  lot, so i guess i kind of have a lot of practice, haha. It's a very fun game to play!

¤ letterblox : If you like spelling/world games then you're going to love this!  This is an good game for dyslectics too ( i'm mild dyslectic), because it trains your brain to remember the spelling of the words.

Another thing i love about this site, is you can also buy things from the shop ( with the points you get while playing) and dress up your players and buy background colors and designs.

Here is my profile: beautyyummy101 let's be friends!

Thank you All for reading this!

Talk to you next time!

// Aria