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Web reviews Episode 4: Pinterest

My Pinterest account

Hello fellow blogger friends!

So it's been a while since i last did a "web reviews" post, so i though i should do it now!
I have been obsessed with Pinterest these past months. 
I discovered this beautiful site pretty late i think, but one day i was just browsing  the internet, and saw this amazing web site.

At first i just spent my time looking at incredible pictures from all around the world, since i really wanted to go on a vacation. I really want to become a travel photographer one day,
so i searched on photography in Hawaii, and saw so many beautiful pictures, just like the one bellow.

Split-View Waterfall, Hawaii
But after a while of looking a pictures of the bright blue sea in Hawaii, i wanted to save the
pictures somewhere other than my computer, and then decided to make myself a account so i could store them in an organized way. At first i had no clue how to use the site, but eventually  i learned how.

Just a few weeks ago i really needed some inspiration for my DIY videos on Youtube. I had no idea what i wanted to film, so i searched on "DIY", and gosh there are tons of different things you can learn on there! I get a lot of my ideas from Pinterest for my school work and for my YT channels.

What i love about the site is that you can organize ( "pin") the photos you like into a little folder with a sweet name.  I've got a lot of folders, just to name some: "Travel wish list", "DIY", "vector" and graphic design. 

So if you haven't already, check out Pinterest and add me if you like : Nitsujrebeib100

Thank you for reading!

"Dont't let your dreams, be dreams"


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