søndag den 6. januar 2013

My 2012 favorites!

Hello fellow blogger friends!!

First of all i want to say Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a fantastic year.

So after watching so many "My 2012 favorites" videos on Youtube, i
wanted to make one myself.

Here are my favorites!

Teen wolf - I started to watch this series with my mom about 3 days before New Years eve.
We got pretty obsessed with it. Didn't take long before we were done watching it. The 3rd
season comes back this summer and i'm super excited!
If you don't know anything about the series then let me give you a little summary.
The series is about a young boy called Scott, who gets bitten and becomes a teen wolf. His
best friend Stiles is like his sidekick, helping him with the different challenges. Scott will eventually get to know a lady friend called Allison who he falls in love with. The series is very exciting
and extremely addicting.

Graphic design -  If you have read my recent blog posts on iheartart172012 then you
know i got accepted into graphic design school. I start in 2 weeks. I remember last year
about a week before vacation i got a thick letter from the school. And i got accepted.
I was incredibly happy and excited. My love for graphics started after i fell inlove with
Youtube and photography. I have always loved reading magazines, but not to
read, but to look at the graphics and layouts. Can't even belive that i got in....

Youtube - I just have to add this one. Youtube is THE BEST WEBSITE ever made.
I remember watching random videos when i was about 13 years old and i fell in
love with Youtube. The site was still fairly new and i didn't know that much about it.
I could spend hours watching celeb interviews. But then after some years i got really
bored. So i searched for entertainment. And i found Megan ( aka Meganheartsmakeup ).
She's the one who got me into make up and beauty. I acctually thought about becoming a
make up artist, for about a year. But then i fell inlove with photography.
I found other youtubers like Ingrid , Blair , Joey , Brittany and lots more. I
quickly learned that tons of people are making videos for a living, high quality videos.
That's why the summer of 2011, i made my 1st video...
Thanks Youtube for existing!

Canon EOS 600D - Before the summer i got a early 18th present from my mom.
It was a Canon camera! I wanted to have high quality videos up on my YT channel,
and i wanted to be able to focus on fotography more. It didn't take long before i learn how
to use it, since i was so obsessed with it. I still am obsessed with it.

Social blade - Social blade is a partnership program that everyone in the would can
get, if they meet the rules. I applied, and got accepted. I love them for being
so easy to write to and they always answer your questions.
Thank you for everyone who watches my videos, you guys are the reason i'm now
a partner. #dreamComeTrue

So that was some of my favorites of 2012!
Hope you enjoyed reading!

// Aria

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