fredag den 13. september 2013

Glee maraton: A tribute to Cory Monteith


Hello fellow blogger friends!

So since Cory Monteith passed away this summer, i have been watching all of the seasons of Glee, as
a tribute to him.
I used to watch Glee, about 2-3 years ago, but i only watched the 1st season. When i heard the news
of what happened to Cory, i just had to watch the show again.
I have always thought Cory and Lea, were so cute together, and it breaks my heart that he is now gone...

Watching Glee, is so different now, than before when Cory was still alive. It's more emotional, but i also enjoy the show more, i laugh more. My mom cries in almost every episode now, she never did that before.
She wasn't even a big fan before.

RIP Cory...

Thanks for reading..


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