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Copycat cooking ep 5: Kale & Quinoa Salad with Dates, Almonds & Citrus Dressing

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Hello fellow blogger friends!

Salads have never been my favorite, but after trying this recipe...I LOVE SALAD!
The dates give it the perfect sweetness, and the nuts give it the perfect crunch.
Sadly my grocery store didn't have any kale, so i used parsley instead. I love parsley. And it tasted so good.
My mom is allergic to raw almonds and some cooked ones, so i decided to use cashews instead. Cashews are the best nuts, i think.

I was so scarred making this salad though, because it was my first time making quinoa, but it was really easy to make, to my surprise.

Oh, before i forget, i got a tip for you guys for chopping onions. Open a window close to you, and only breath through your mouth. This will prevent or lessen the pain, and no tears!

I really did enjoy making the salad, it felt like painting, since there was so many steps. haha..I'm strange, i know.

The dessing was amazing too!

Thanks for reading!


This is Faith's recipe!
Check the recipe out HERE

p.s. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, i'm using the computer at the library that doesn't have any auto correct... #DyslexicProblems

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