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Copycat Cooking ep 6: Secret Beefless Finger Licking Stew

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Hello fellow blogger friends! 

I absolutely love this recipe, perfect for dinner time. It is super filling too! It took me a while to cook it (2 hours), but it was worth it. 

The recipe said to use meatless pieces, but since i could find any at the grocery store i just used fallafel balls instead. But if you are using fallafel too, add it once the stew is almost done, so it doesn't get mushy.

I also used yellow onions instead of white ones. I do not like to chop onions. And i have tried all of the tricks to stop my eyes from hurting. I've tried chewing gum, breathing through my mouth instead of my nose (works sometimes), but it always hurts! Maybe i should try those onion chopping glasses...

Also i didn't want to use wine, since i don't like alcohol so i just used water instead. I was going to use unsweetened grape juice but my grocery store didn't have any.

I LOVE the sauce, super yummy. I think it would work for pasta too.

This recipe is perfect with rice too!

Thanks for reading!

This is Miriam's recipe!
Check her recipe out HERE!

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