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Copycat cooking ep 3: Hot and Sweet Sesame Tofu

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Hello fellow blogger friends!

I am so excited to post this recipe, because this is probably the best recipe i have ever tried in my entire life!
Tofu has never really been my favorite and i haven't eaten it in a year or so, so i thought i should try it again.
I really thought this would be my first fail CopyCat Cooking recipe, but man was i wrong!

It took my about 1 hour and 30 minutes to make this recipe. I should of doubled the recipe though, because it only served barely 3 people.

So while the tofu was cooking i decided to take some notes on what i changed in the recipe. Here's my notes...

¤ A good tip is instead of mixing the cornstarch with the tofu in a bowl, like it says on the recipe, place some cornstarch on a plate and take one tofu cube at the time and roll it in the cornstarch. This will prevent the tofu breaking apart.

¤ I used maple syrup instead on honey, to make it vegan. =)

¤ I used extra virgin olive oil instead of sesame oil, since it's cheaper.

My mother absolutely loves this recipe. She said it tastes like pork, and that she loves the crunch. The sauce
is also her favorite, she says it tastes like Filipino food.

This dish is perfect for dinner time, and it tastes amazing and savory.
Try it out!

Thanks for reading!


This is Nagalakshmi Viswanathan's recipe!
Check her recipe out HERE

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