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Copycat cooking ep 2: Vegan Nacho “Cheese”

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Hello fellow blogger friends!

I'm back with another CopyCat Cooking recipe! This recipe is literally amazing!
So happy i found this recipe on Pinterest. When i read the ingredients on Veganyummines.com i was thinking, how will this even work?! Potatoes, carrots and nutritional yeast is basically all that you need.
I didn't even think this recipe would be good. 

While i was cooking,  i started to smell the cheesy smell from the nutritional yeast, and i got a bit more
confidence for this recipe. I even decided to double the recipe, since it didn't look like a lot.
When i was done, i was shocked on how easy this was to make. And i thought, if this tastes good, then this is the best recipe ever. And OH MY GOD it tasted AMAZING! Just like cheese, it even tasted like chicken a little bit. 
Easy and yummy...I love it.

My mom gives this recipe 5 stars, haha...

This recipe is perfect as a dip. I even added it on top of my pasta. You could also use this
on pizza, lasagna and mac & Cheese.

Definitely recommend you guys to try this.

Thanks for reading!

Nachos Dip Square
This is the veganyumminess recipe!
Check the recipe out HERE

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