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Copycat cooking ep 4: Vegan Chocolate Custard

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Hello fellow blogger friends!
I just love chocolate. And since i went vegan in 2011 i haven't had chocolate pudding/custard, and i started to miss it. I used to love to pour whip cream all over the pudding.
Finally i saw a lovely recipe on Veggieful.com and i didn't think this would work out...But i was wrong!
It tastes amazing. I think i would even triple the recipe next time that i'll make it.
It's super creamy, and tastes even better when it's cold.
The consistancy didn't turn out as good as Madioson's chocolate custard, though. Mine was a bit more on the liquidy side. Maybe it was because i used rice milk instead of soy milk. But it didn't matter, since it tasted so good.
Mom approved this recipe too. She was really shocked. She didn't think it would work. haha
Thanks for reading!


This is Madison's recipe!
Check her recipe out HERE

p.s. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, i'm using the computer at the library that doesn't have any auto correct... #DyslexicProblems

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