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Copycat cooking ep 1: Vegan Cabbage Rolls

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Hello fellow blogger friends!

Long time no see... Sorry about that. Been super busy with work and i have been trying to dedicate all of my free time to making my Youtube videos. But recently i've missed writing on this blog. So i decided to try to figure out how i can add blogging to my schedule.
While i was cooking the other i day i thought, why not post a short blog post about once a week showing you guys 1 cooking experiment.

Once a week i cook a special recipe from Pinterest to my lovely mom. Since she usually is the one cooking,
thought it was time to me to help out in the kitchen a bit more. So once a week i search on Pinterest for yummy vegan meals.

This series ( Copycat cooking ) is going to be about me trying out some recipes from Pinterest and showing the results to you guys. And i promise i will probably fail...a lot! Because i'm not the best chef...haha..
But that will be fun, to show you guys the good and bad results.

I hope you enjoy!

So this recipe i got from FatFreeVegan .  When i saw the recipe i knew it would probably be a bit hard for me to make, since it requires me to actually cook with boiling water ( kind of hate boiling water, since i always burn myself, which i did making this recipe). But i wanted to see if i could make it.
And i have to tell you this recipe does take some time, it took me about 3-4 hours to make. Because you have to soften the cabbage wraps individually.

Once i was done i gave a roll to my mom first. She didn't like it that much. She said she liked the taste, but that the cabbage was a bit to hard for her to chew. So if you guys will make this recipe remember to take your time boiling the cabbage until it gets really soft.
But i really did like the taste of the tomato sauce! But probably not making this recipe again, since it took a lot of time...

I hope you enjoyed and check out FatFreeVegan !

Thanks for reading!

Vegan Cabbage Rolls Stuffed with Lentils
This is FatFreeVegan's recipe!

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