lørdag den 22. december 2012

I'm now a Social Blade partner!

My x-mas tree.
I have filmed a "decorating my christmas tree" video
and will upload it soon!
Hello blogger friends!

If you are following me on twitter ( nitsujrebeib100 ) then you already know this...
I am now offically a social blade partner, for my channel Artandbeautyfreak . I can't even
begin to tell you how happy i am. I have already started costumizing my thumbnails, and i
have even made myself a banner!

This could not have happened if it weren't for all of my loyal and amazing subscribers and
viewers. So THANK YOU so much for watching my videos, writing comments, and all
of the love! I am going to work harder than ever before to upload as much content as
i possibly can. If you didn't know i am going to start at a graphic design school on January 17th. This will mean that i am going to be incredibly busy, but never too busy to make videos!

I would never have thought that making Youtube videos would be so much fun, but it is!
And i highly recommend YOU to try it out. Show the world your talents, no matter if it's
drawing, make up, photography, vlogging, sports, comedy or film. I started making videos
on the summer of 2011 and i have loved YOUtube ever since.

Also check out Social blade who is incredible, and has the best support system, in my opinion. Because of them i am now able to do anything that the YOUtube partners do. So THANK YOU social blade!

Also Thank you to YOUTUBE for existing!

I don't even know what to say anymore, just THANK YOU everyone who has ever watched my videos, tweeted me, commented on my channel, subscribed to me and more.
You guys are incredible!

This is by far the best christmas in my whole entire life!

Thank you for making my life even more exciting!


Have an Awesome day!

// Aria

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