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Simple Raw - a vegan restaurant

Hello fellow blogger friends!

So last week it was my 18th birthday, and to celebrate me and
my mom went to Simple Raw and ate some delicious vegan food!

I love going there because i'm 100 % that everything is vegan 
( but they do offer cow milk for their coffee, if you want) I also
love being there because, the room is so warm a cozy.

warm cacao drink
Lets start with what my mom ordered.
She got a warm cacao drink.
I tried it, and i was surprised how
yummy it was. I don't usually like
hot drinks, but this cacao drink
with almond milk tastes amazing.
And it super cheap too, it only costs
34 danish crowns ( 6 dollars ).
The mug is adorable too...

zucchini spaghetti
We shared this dish. I'm not sure of
what the name of this dish is.
It's  zucchini spaghetti, with cashew
sauce and some crackers.
My mom was not that in love with
this dish, but i loved it. It could use
some extra salt though.

chocolate fudge
I ordered a chocolate fudge as
dessert. It's a bit to strong for me
but if you like dark chocolate,
then you will adore this one.
But i loved the strawberries!

Triple chocolate cake
If you read my blog post last
year about my 1st visit to simple
Raw, then you know i ordered this
last year too. It's the triple chocolate
It tasted amazing as usual.

Bellow are some pictures of the restaurant.


mini store

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