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web reviews: OMGPOP

Hello fellow blogger friends!

I hope you all are doing well. Before i start this blog post i
want to introduce my new blog series that i am going to be making
a few times a month. I am going to start to make web site reviews.

I don't know if you guys follow me on twitter, but if you do, then you probably know that i am going to study at a media production school starting in August ( for about 2 years). I am going to study web designing with bonus 3D lessons. And i'm super excited!

So since i love going to different websites and exploring them, i thought it would be fun to review some sites for you guys!

I really hope you will like them and please post any website requests in the comments bellow!


OMGPOP is an awesome online gaming sites where all people over the world can chat while playing. That's probably  the best feature on the site, chatting with the people!And on all the games you play will different people, and it actually feels like you're playing with friends.

On OMGPOP there are tons of games you can choose from, here are some of my favorites:

¤ blockles : This is the best game on the site, in my opinion. I'm sure many people have played a very similar game to blockles, it's very popular in cell phone games too. 
All you are going to do it to get at least 4 blocks together and you get a point and sometimes also extra bonus points. And you can give trash to the opponents.
This game is super exciting, i promise!

¤ balloono : Love this game. But i'm not so good at it though..hehe. This game is about blowing your opponents up with water balloons. It is super fun, but there are so many great players, and it's super hard to win.

¤ draw my thing : You all probably know about this game, since it's such an popular Iphone app. I have not played the game on an Iphone game yet, but this game is awesome!
This game is actually the reason why i found this site. I was getting curious on what this game was about so i  googled it! And OMGPOP came up.

 ¤ booya : This game is super similar to UNO. I remember when i was younger my mom and i used to play UNO a  lot, so i guess i kind of have a lot of practice, haha. It's a very fun game to play!

¤ letterblox : If you like spelling/world games then you're going to love this!  This is an good game for dyslectics too ( i'm mild dyslectic), because it trains your brain to remember the spelling of the words.

Another thing i love about this site, is you can also buy things from the shop ( with the points you get while playing) and dress up your players and buy background colors and designs.

Here is my profile: beautyyummy101 let's be friends!

Thank you All for reading this!

Talk to you next time!

// Aria

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