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Vegegården a vegan restaurant

food from the buffet
Hello blogger friends!

So a few weeks ago i and my mom visited Malmö,Sweden. Before
going there we had already searched at http://www.happycow.net/ where
we could find yummy vegan restaurants.
And we found tons, but after reading the reviews, Vegegården seemed to
be the best ( and least expensive ).

From outside, the restaurant doesn't look that special, but when you step
inside, you will feel the warmth of the place immediately.
A woman who works there came up to us, right away asking us what
we wanted to order.
And as always we already had a plan on what food to order. Because
we wanted to try as much as possible we decided to go for the
BUFFET! Which was a very good choice.
Everything tasted incredible. I would have never thought that i would ever
be able to eat that yummy food before.

My favorite was definetly the deep fried shrimp ( which you can see on
the picture above). It acctually tasted like actual shrimp, which was very
surprising to me. Here in Denmark you won't be able to find 100% vegan
meats ( except online ), so it was nice to be able to taste it.

banana split

Of course we just had to order something sweet too. So we shared a banana split.
The vanilla ice cream was delicious, and the chocolate sauce was to die for.

Vegi pepper nuggets
We also decided to stock up on some veggie meat, since we knew it would be long
before we would be able to visit again.
We used this in soups a lot. It tastes amazing even if it's not deep fried.

I definetly recomend Vegegården, even to non vegans, because all of their food
is yummy, and their staff is so friendly.

Also check out Happycow.net to find vegan stores near you!

Thanks for reading and Happy early Halloween!!!

// Aria

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