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YouTube & blogger TAG!

YouTube by digitalbear
YouTube, a photo by digitalbear on Flickr.

Hello fellow blogger friends!

 So i thought it would be fun to make a Youtube/blogger tag. If you are
a Youtuber or blogger then feel free to answer these following questions!
I tag everybody!

( i will only answer the youtube questions, if you guys want, then
i could answer the blogger questions too, next time)

1. Why and when did you start making videos/blogs?
= I started making YT videos last summer ( 2011 ). So it's only been a year. I started making videos, because i didn't really have a hobby back then. I used to just draw or watch youtube videos in my free time. I also got inspired by tons of youtubers to make videos, one of them are
Meganheartsmakeup . Back then i was really in to makeup so i looked
up to her a lot. I still watch her though because i love watching her cute videos. 
Another reason why i started is because i have always loved filming and editing. So i started thinking about what i could film. Since i was into
beauty i thought of making nail art videos, but after a while i didn't like
it that much anymore, and made art videos instead. So this way i can combine 3 of my biggest passions, filming, editing and art!
So now i have a hobby and it's to make YT videos. I hope to some
day become a Youtube partner and be able to make videos for a living.

2. How do you think of what videos/blogs you are going to make?
Well usually i look in a Panduro magazine ( Click here to see it ). That
book gives me tons of tips! And if you watch my videos you'll see that
almost all the materials i use come from panduro.
My mom actually also inspires my a lot too. A lot of times she gives  me 
video ideas. For example the "phone case" video was inspired by her.
And then there are times when i just get an idea out of no where, it's strange how our brain works. and movies inspires me a lot too!

3. What was your reaction when you got your 1st subscriber and comment?
= I was super happy when i got my 1st subscriber. I wish i wrote drown
who it was, so i could thank that person right now. And when i got my 1st comment, i was super shocked, because i never though anyone would actually watch my videos. I am super thankful for everyone who watches my videos and to all of my 109 subscribers!
I can remember when Shoo Rayner made a video last year, about a month after i started making videos, which included my video..I was so happy and screamed when i got his message, asking me if he could feature my video in his video. I was in shock. So thank you to Shoo Rayner! (click here to watch the video)

So that's all of the questions. I know there's only 3, but i want you guys to ask me questions to add to this tag! Write them in the comments bellow.

I tag all of you!

// Aria

p.s. i am back to school on Monday, so i will be super busy learning about web designing and will sadly not be able to make that many blogs anymore.
I will try my very best to post blogs as frequently as possible though.

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  1. Hey, i've tagged you for the Liebster award, check out the post for what to do next :)

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