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Copycat Cooking ep 11: Vegan pavlova

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Camera: Canon EOS 600D
Time to make this: 15 minutes

Hello fellow blogger friends!

I have always loved Pavlova, ever since my mom made it 5 years ago. But since i'm vegan now, i haven't had it for a very long time.

I really wanted to buy vegan meringue but we couldn't find any here in Denmark. Maybe i'll make some in the future.

I used soy whipped cream for me and rice whipped cream for mom, since she's allergic to soy.

While i was mixing the whipped cream i added a bit of sugar and vanilla powder to add more taste.

I also decided to sprinkle some dark chocolate on top, which i didn't enjoy that much. Next time i won't be adding the chocolate. 

I loved the taste of the berries and cream, but it was a bit underwhelming. So i would recommend buying of making some meringue, since it will taste a lot better!

Thanks for reading!


Did not get inspired by this recipe.

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