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Copycat Cooking ep 12: apple sandwiches with date caramel + almond butter

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Camera: Canon EOS 600D
Time to make this: 30 minutes

Hello fellow blogger friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer. Denmark is starting to get into the fall season already... But it does't matter, i love fall!

Celebrating Autumn, i decided to make this yummy caramel apple sandwich. I really am missing gluten, so i thought i should find a gluten free sandwich recipe, and i found this one!

I was so excited to make this, because Emily's recipe looked so good! But i didn't want to make mine with too much fat so i doubled the caramel, and made my own almond butter. To make the butter, i just blended soaked almonds with water and some vegan butter.

Also i didn't blend the caramel since mine isn't strong enough, i just used a fork to mash it.

When i was done, i was super excited to try it, and OMG it tasted like HEAVEN!
The almond butter tasted like whipped cream.
I definitely recommend this recipe to you guys.
Check Emily's recipe bellow...

Thanks for reading!

This is Emily's recipe
Check her recipe out HERE!

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