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Copycat Cooking ep 13: Ultra-Easy Vegan Taco Salad

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Time to make this: 50 minutes

Hello fellow blogger friends!

So who doesn't LOVE tacos, right? I have always loved tacos, definitely my favorite food. I always eat homemade tacos on my birthdays, and since mine is coming up in a few weeks, i though i should try a new recipe out. This recipe is awesome, and extremely yummy!

For the taco "meat" i used red onion instead of white. I love red onions, and they make you cry a lot less!

I used my favorite taco mix from Mex & co and it smells like heaven. I love it so much that i put 2 tbsp of it in.

I didn't have cilantro so i used my favorite herb, parsley instead.

The taco "meat" was my favorite part, it tastes so good!

Guys you have to try this recipe out, it will change you life!! So good!

Thanks for reading!

Ultra-Easy Vegan Taco Salad #vegan #glutenfree
This is Leanne recipe!
Check her recipe out HERE!

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