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Copycat Cooking ep 10: buffalo chickpea nuggets

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Hello fellow blogger friends!

So a few weeks ago, i was craving sweet sauce so much! I know right, weird craving... But i couldn't help it. I really wanted it, even though my tummy doesn't react very well when i eat a lot of it.

So i researched on Pinterest and saw this yummy picture Allyson from allysonkramer.com of these nuggets. I fell in love! Looked so yummy i decided to make some. And since i was craving sweet sauce, this recipe was perfect. 

I did not use an oven to make these, since we are trying not to use too much heat, to save money & the planet. I decided to "fry" them instead. I didn't really fry them, i just heated them on the stove.

So since i didn't pour the sauce on top, i decided to just heat the sauce and then when the nuggets were done i poured the sauce on top.

Instead on using chick'n flavored bouillon i used veggie bouillon instead.

Also, i didn't have different rice varieties, so i only used basmati rice. 

The sauce was amazingly yummy! And this recipe was so easy and so much fun to make. My cravings were definitely satisfied.

The only problem i had with this recipe was that the sauce was a little high in fat. So my tummy did hurt the next day. If i make this again, i might not add the vegan butter. 

I hope you guys try this recipe out!
Thanks for reading!

vegan buffalo chickn wings gluten-free by Allyson Kramer-Manifest Vegan
This is Allyson's recipe!
Check her recipe out HERE!

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