mandag den 23. april 2012

Review & thoughts on yummy dried Mango

Hello everyone!

I have recently fallen in love with this incredibly yummy product! 
It's dried mangoes by Urtekram and it tastes amazing. I love the chewy consistency and the sweet taste. 

I'm vegan and also don't eat wheat so sometimes it gets a little hard to find desserts that has no dairy, animal ingredients,  wheat, sugar or bad ingredients like different kinds of preservatives  in it. So i am really happy that i have found this little snack.

If your country does not sell the Urtekram dried mango, then just try to experiment and buy different dried mangoes from different companies. Just remember to buy the organic and natural kind, with no sugar or preservatives.Dried mango tastes amazing on it's own.

 hope you try eating dried mango!
It's delicious, i promise!

Here is the Danish website for Urtekram
Here is the UK website for Urtekram

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