onsdag den 18. april 2012

Introducing my mom's new blog : Reviewfreak2012

Hello eveyone!

So i wanted to announce to you guys that my mom has actually gotten a blog!
It is called  reviewfreak2012 and she has already made 5 blogs in just 2 days. She is loving it so much, and i'm so happy for her.
On her blog she reviews about anything she's obsessed or loving at the moment. She makes posts about movies,books,vitamins and more! She writes incredibly good and every time i read her posts i can feel her passion to whatever she's writing about.

I would love it if you could go to her blog and read some of her posts, and if you like it then it would make her incredibly happy if you could comment, or maybe even follow her blog =)

Thank you guys!

// Aria

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