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Vegan food series: Simple Raw restaurant

Hello Everyone!
The other week me and my mom went to a vegan restaurant called Simple Raw here in Denmark. Go and check out their website ( but the website is in danish, so if you can't understand danish, then i'm sorry but if you want, you are all welcome to ask me any questions, and i'll try my best to answer them )  ! =) .It was the first time i have ever been to a vegan restaurant, and i was so excited to finally try it out. And my mom was excited as well because for the first time in a while she did not have to cook our lunch, haha...Sometimes it's hard being vegan, especially here in Denmark where there are almost no vegan restaurants. Other countries like USA and UK are lucky because they have so many vegan restaurants and vegan cheese, vegan meat, and more. =). I have been vegan for about 4 months ( but i started experimenting veganism in September last year, 2010).And i will continue to be vegan forever! =). 

Alright let me tell you about this wonderful restaurant...

On the picture above you can see what me and my mom ordered. I get hungry just looking at it =). There was so much food to choose from.

On the picture above you can see a very green salad. The ingredients are avocado, cherry tomatoes, spinach, with sunflower seeds and white sesame seeds tossed in apple-ginger dressing. The salad tastes amazing. When you first taste it, it may taste a little strong because of the apple-ginger dressing, but after a while it goes away. I love that there's a sweet/sour taste to it. And one thing i really loved is that the veggies are so fresh tasting, as if they just harvested it =).Don't eat this salad alone though, because it may look like a little, but it will make you full so fast, promise! So share it with someone else, i shared it with my mom. That's also another thing i love about vegan food, you don't have to eat a lot of food to feel full and complete. So this salad gets a 9/10!

This is Espresso, with almond milk which my mom ordered. This can actually also be served with cow's milk. It's the only food or drink that's not vegan, don't know why they included cow's milk when it's a vegan restaurant...Ohh, well... My mom loved this drink, i don't drink coffee but i tried it and i did not love it.But you can't love everything, right? But it looks very pretty =)  So this gets 8/10.

Alright now, on to the desserts! MY favorite part =)

This is  the raw lemon cheese cake. My mom ordered this and she loved it. Cheese cakes used to be my mom's favorite junk food, and when we became vegan, she had a hard time, not having it. So when we finally found this restaurant with vegan cheese cakes, my mom got so happy! =). I loved this cheese cake as well. It tastes very lemony and fresh.And so sweet. yummy... Grade : 10/10 !!! 

This is absolutely my favorite food we ordered. It's the triple chocolate cake.mm... I can still remember the chocolaty taste. When i first tasted it, my eyes got so big, and i had a huge smile on my face. It was so amazing.And the texture was so soft and creamy. LOved it =). Grade : 10000000000/10000000000 =)

Now let's talk about the looks of the restaurant:

It may be a little difficult to find Simple Raw because you can barley see the Simple Raw sign on top of the restaurant.  But it's worth looking for. I love the architecture of the building. It looks very clean and royal like.

When you step in Simple Raw you will see that it's very small and cozy, kind of like you're home in your living room. I think it looks so cute with all the wood. And the chairs are very comfy too.

While waiting for your meal, you can read vegan/raw books.

the tables are so cute!

So all in all we had an amazing time at Simple Raw, and i totally recommend it to everyone, even non-vegans =).

Thanks for reading!

// Aria 

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