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My skin care routine

Hey everybody!

Today's post i'm going to tell you my day/night skin routine, hope you enjoy!

Every product is from the Tea Tree  skin care line from The Body Shop.
I discovered these products summer of 2011. I read about the products from a magazine and i knew i wanted to try it out.
This line is for oily and acne prone skin, which my skin is.

So let me tell you about the products!

Tea Tree skin clearing Facial wash:
I use this everyday and night.
I love this face wash because it does not dry my skin out, it feels so refreshing when you use it. 
The consistency is very creamy and soft. It's much better to use a face wash then to use normal soap, because soap can break you out ( it broke me out a lot when i used regular soap on my face).

How to use it :
It's very easy to use, use it just like a normal soap. 
Wet your face, rub it gently into your skin, wash it of, and dry! 

Tea Tree Blackhead exfoliating wash :
Love this product so much.
I use it every morning of the week. I have very sensitive skin so at first i thought it would be to harsh on my skin, i use this every day, and it's not! The product is very gentle and smells awesome too =)
My blackheads have reduced a lot, especially around my nose area.

How to use it :
Wet your face, rub the scrub gently into your skin, and wash it of!
I use a electric tooth brush to rub the scrub into my skin ( Learned by Michelle Phan ) , i find it works much better when you use the electric tooth brush then with just your hands.

Tea Tree skin clearing foaming cleanser:
This is so cool, because in the bottle the products consistency is like water and when you push out the product it turns into foam!
I use this product every morning and nigh, except on Saturday nights.
Love this product so much, the oil on my skin has lessened, without drying out my skin.

How to use it :
Put the product on a cotton pad and distribute it all around your face. Do not wash it of just let the product dry into your skin.

Tea Tree face mask:
I use this every Saturday night. Only use this once a week, because   masks can dry out your skin if you use it too often ( but sometime i use it more than one a week, for example when i feel stressed).
It is very relaxing while the mask is on your face.
When you put on the mask your face will feel warm, and then cold. 
This mask is so amazing, this is the best product of this line i think.

How to use it:
put the product on clean fingers and distribute it on your dry face. Let it dry on your face for about 20 minutes. It kind of feels like you are at the spa, haha...
After 20 minutes wash the product of your face, and dry.

Tea tree skin clearing lotion:
This lotion is so amazing because it makes your skin feel so refreshed and smooth.
And my acne has reduced so much because of this.

How to use it:
Rub the product gently on your face, and let it dry.

When i use them :

Monday - Friday and Sunday ( Saturday mornings)                                         Saturdays (nights)
Face wash                                                                                                      Face wash
Scrub                                                                                                             Mask
Tonic                                                                                                              Lotion                                                                                                                                                                          

After doing all these steps your skin will feel so smooth and clean, i truly love it and totally recommend it to all you oily and acne prone people. =)

Thanks for reading and have an awesome week!

// Aria

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