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October Random Favorites! ( Les Choristes, Jean Baptiste Maunier, France)

Hey Everybody!

I've decided to make a random favorites blog post today!
But before i start i have to warn you, it almost all about french music, and France it self =).hehe.

So on the top of my October random favorite list is : 
Les Choristes
I watched this movie last week in my french class, and i just fell in love with the movie...
The movie is about a school in France where bad behaved boys live and study and there is a new teacher ( who will teach them all to sing). The movie is not a musical but there is a lot of beautiful singing in it. I don't want to spoil anything because i think you should watch it yourself, i promise it's worth your time! =).
The songs in the movie is amazing. I listen to them everyday on my way to school, while doing my homework and more...My personal favorite is "Vois Sur Ton Chemin". And a good tip is while doing your french homework listen to the songs in this movie, it has really helped me a lot with my pronunciation =).
While watching the movie i fell in love with the lead role young Pierre ( Jean Baptiste Maunier). His voice was just so amazing and his acting skills...wow. I was so shocked. 

And the second on my October random favorite list is :
Jean Baptiste Maunier
Jean ( also called JB) played young Pierre in Les Choristes. As i said i fell in love with him while watching the show. I was just so shocked of how amazing his voice was ( and still is ). And i'm following him on twitter (  @OfficialJeanBM  ) and i noticed how much time he spends on his fans ( i'm one of them =) ). And i really love it when singers/actors do that. And he is really cute too =). 

My third favorite is :
France and their language
I have always thought french was a beautiful language, but now i have gotten really obsessed with becoming fluent in french. Everyday i listen to the soundtrack of "Les Choristes" and listen to french interviews with JB ( Jean Baptiste Maunier). I have not been there yet, but it's my dream to visit someday...
I have been taken french class for about 2 years now, so i can understand some french. But it's really hard to learn a new language if you don't speak it everyday, and that why i decided to listen to french music ( and sing it when i'm alone and no one can hear,hehe..). France also have so many artistic things there too. I love art a lot, all kinds of art, weather it's music, beauty, dancing, theater, movies, drawings...anything...
(I feel like art is one of the most important things there is).

My fourth favorite is :
 Making Youtube videos 
I never though  making beauty/art/cooking videos would be so much fun. I have known about Youtube for about 4 years now, but it's only now that i made my own videos. Making beauty/art videos is so amazing, and every time someone leave a nice comment i just feel so happy and complete...=).
I just love it.
And making cooking videos with my mom is also awesome! Love spending time with my mom. 

So i Hope everybody are having a nice day and i'm looking forward to the next blog post!

// Aria

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