mandag den 3. oktober 2011

New ideas...

Hey Everybody!

I have a new idea that i can do on this blog.
I still want to review beauty products and do fashion posts, but i also want to add something more...
I'm thinking of adding health blogs,and reviews on other random things i love. 

If you guys did not know i own 2 channels on Youtube.
One of them is a beauty/art channel called Artandbeautyfreak .
On that channel i post drawing and nail art tutorials.I love making videos there =)

Then my 2nd channel i actually share with my mom. 
Our channel is called Naturallyvegan011 .
On that channel we post videos where we show you guys how to make healthy and yummy vegan foods. My mom is the one cooking, and i'm the one editing.

Hope you guys will like these future blogs =)

// Aria

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