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Montagne Jeunesse sensitive skin masque review

 Montagne Jeunesse  sensitive skin masque

About 1 - 2 weeks ago i discovered one of the most amazing masks i have ever tried!
For months i have seen the Montagne Jeunesse masks in the beauty stores but i never bought it.
Then a few weeks ago my mom asked me if i wanted to buy one mask and of course i said yes!
So happy she did that because when i took a  closer look at the mask shelves i read what the ingredients were, and look if the masks are animal tested.
Because i always check if there is any animal testing involved because i would hate to buy a product that has contributed to animal cruelty.
Anyways i was so happy so see that the masks are not animal tested and that it is actually vegetarian standard, Bauv approved and PETA approved ( which you can't see on the masks but it says that it's PETA approved on their website ). I'm also vegan so it's nice to find products that are friendly to the animals and environment.

So i obviously ended up buying a mask and it's the  sensitive  skin masque.
And there are two parts to this mask nr.1 the mask it self and nr.2 the moisturizing serum with rehydrating ceramides. 

It is super fun to put the creamy mask on your face which leaves you skin feeling so smooth and refreshed!
One of the main things i love about the mask is that it does not make your face feel dry afterwards which other masks may make you feel.

 Then after washing the mask of your face you are going to use the serum which i love!
The serum makes your face feel so smooth and fresh!

Another thing i love about this mask is that the faces on the package are to cool. Look the eyes are flowers! =)

Montagne Jeunesse website info and recommendations :
I love their website. It has tons of information about their fab products.
And on their website they always have so many fun contests that you can join and possibly win some free goodies!
You can also apply to be in the beauty panel, which i have done.
When you apply you will be asked some questions and things like that. Every month you will be entered in a contest and you may win some cool beauty tings from. And sometimes if you want they will send you products that you will review for them on your blog, youtube channel...
It's really fun.
This mask was not given to me i bought it with my own money.

Hope you guys will try this mask and i'll see you next time!

// Aria

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