lørdag den 8. oktober 2011

Nail art tutorial FAIL!

Hello Everybody!

If you have read my latest tweets then you probably know that i tried to film a new nail art tutorial yesterday evening.
But as you can see on the pictures i did not succeed...
I was not happy with the results and to make it worse my polish on my thumb smudged...
I think it's also the nail polish fault because the orange polish used was too thick and hard to work with, but it was mostly my fault.
And i don't want to upload videos that i don't like.
I want to give you guys the best kind of videos i can make and that was not my best.

I'm going to try to film another video tonight and let's hope i succeed =)

thanks for understanding

// Aria

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  1. I love these! I'm gunna have my nails like this at the weekend :) xx