onsdag den 21. september 2011

Fall Fashion ( new blog post idea!)

Hey guys!
I thought about something new i can do on this blog.
I think it would be fun to make fashion blogs ( i make the sets on Polyvore ) .
Because i not only love beauty but fashion too.

So this first fashion blog post is a fall fashion inspired look.
I think a vintage dress with lace leggings and a bolero is so cute for fall. 
I would personally wear this when going to the mall, and maybe even to school.
The knit beanie is also good to wear with some loose curly hair. And because it's getting colder it's good to keep your head warm, and that's also why i choose a scarf too.
Then for the shoes i kept it very simple with some dark red ballet shoes.
The accessories are very fall looking too, the bracelet and the necklace even has leaves on them. The necklace is worn under the scarf so that when you're inside and you take off the scarf you still have s cute necklace underneath.
For make-up it's very simple with some light red lipstick.

Hope you like this kind of blogs

Have a great day,
// Aria

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