onsdag den 21. september 2011

Alyssa Milano Style

Alyssa Milano's style

Alyssa is an amazing actress, model and person.
I know i don't personally know her so i can't really say that she's an amazing person, but she does so much for the animals and the world. She's changed my life.
Some of you may know she's dyslectic and so am i and before i knew her i did not think it was possible to be super successful when you can't spell and read things correctly. But she proved me wrong.
You can do anything you just have to do your best and work hard.

Her style is awesome too. I love everything she wears. She's so girly but she still wears hoodies and jeans sometimes, which i love. 

She's also vegan just like me, we have a lot in common, which is another reason why i love her. I feel so connected to her, like i know her, even if i don't.
I could probably write hundreds of pages why i love Alyssa Milano.

In this set she's wearing a yellow summer dress ( she looks stunning in it! ) with very simple make-up and maybe some bronzer. In the picture on the top left her hair looks so shiny and voluminous, with an amazing and beautiful smile =).
And in the picture in the middle she's wearing a hoodie with some jeans.Very simple and very pretty. 

Thanks for reading.
And if you Alyssa are reading this i just want to say you're an amazing person and keep doing what you do =)

// Aria 

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