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Copycat Cooking ep 8: Zucchini Pasta with Avocado Pesto

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Hello fellow blogger friends!

I got a pretty cool recipe to show you guys today. Since i went gluten free due to gluten sensitivities, i haven't eaten pasta. And i miss it a lot, especially since it was my favorite food. We occasionally buy gluten free pasta, but it's just so expensive... 

So this recipe is perfect for all you pasta lovers out there. But i will have to warn you, this recipe is pretty high in fat. I'm pretty sensitive to fat, so i did get a reaction to this recipe the day later. Tummy aches and eczema. So if you are sensitive to fats i advice you don't add the pine nuts or sun dried tomatoes. A bit of fat is okay, so keep the avocado in.

The reason my zucchini pasta is a bit wide, is because i don't have a julienne peeler. I only used a normal peeler, which is fine too.

I decided to triple the recipe, since my mom was convinced this would be a yummy one. I just didn't realize it was so high in fat, so i wasn't able to eat more than one meal. But it was a yummy meal. I really did love it, so it was really too bad i couldn't eat more.

While i was peeling the zucchini i realized the juice makes your skin super dry. Wondered if it would be a good face mask...

I tried the pine nuts before i added it to the salad, and it tastes like soap... haha. but once i mixed it with the other ingredients, it was nice.

Other than the fact that i had tummy aches the next day from this recipe, i really did like it. It was so yummy and it actually had a hint of chicken in it.

Try this recipe out guys! So good!
Thanks for reading!

Zucchini Pesto
This is Andrew's recipe!
Check his recipe out HERE! 

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