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Vegan food review ep 2: Frozen durian

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Bought from: A Chinese store in Copenhagen

Hola everyone!

OMG! Durian! I love durian so much. I know a lot of peple hate the smell and taste of it, and believe me, i know how you feel. I used to HATE durian. But when i moved to The Philippines, my mom was always trying to get me to eat some durian. I hated it. But then something changed when all of off the blue, i asked if i could taste some more, and then more, and more! I got addicted to it!
It only took me like 12 years before i finally liked durian. So don't give up on durian just yet. Just try eating maybe a spoon of it, once in a while, and then eventually you might fall in love...haha..

So today i'm reviewing frozen durian, which i got from a Chinese store near the Copenhagen station. My mom and i were so happy that Denmark has some durian that you can buy. Because when we moved to Denmark, durian was one of the foods i really missed. Now, we finally can have some. But it's not as good as the fresh Filipino durian, of course.

But i would really recommend you to try some frozen durian, especially if you don't like the smell. It's not as smelly. Also frozen durian tastes like...ICE CREAM! Also i also recommend for you to try to blend some durian with some banana, to camouflage the smell.

Please do try some frozen durian. You'll love it!
And all you pinoy people here in Denmark, we can still eat durian even in Denmark! Whoohoo!!

Thanks for reading,...


This is what it looks like inside....

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