fredag den 20. januar 2012

fashion series: Go away germs!

Go away germs!

Hey everyone,

I made this set on Polyvore, inspired by sickness.
These past 2 weeks I've been sick. Mostly coughing...
And i hate being sick so i thought of making this set to maybe cheer other people up who are sick.
When i'm sick i just love wearing a comfy hoodie, jogging pants, soft socks and inside shoes, thick gloves and  a scarf. The color pink cheers me up, so when i'm sick i try to wear as much pink as possible =). 
I also eat so much fruits when i'm sick, because i can't stand eating anything dry when i'm sick. Juicy watermelons and oranges makes me happy =).

Hope everyone stay away from stupid bad germs! haha...

// Aria

Go to my polyvore to see where these items are from <3.

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